Impulse star Maddie Hasson comes out as a proud bisexual in the most low-key and casual way

Maddie Hasson bisexual

Actress Maddie Hasson, known for her roles in Impulse and Twisted, has come out as bisexual on Instagram.

The actress, 26, opened up about her sexuality on her Instagram Stories on Sunday (3 January) in response to the “show me a photo” challenge.

When a fan asked her to show them a photo “with a gay/bi vibe”, Hasson shared a photo of herself looking straight into the camera along with the caption: “Hi, I’m bi and proud!”

Hasson, who has been married to composer Julian Brink since 2015, opened up about her sexuality just a day before she turned 26.

She also shared birthday messages from famous friends on her Instagram Stories, with actress Genesis Rodriguez writing: “I love you you gigantic weirdo.”

Maddie Hasson is best-known for her role on YouTube series Impulse

Hasson began her television career in the short-lived 2012 Fox series The Finder, a spin-off of Bones. She later co-starred in the ABC mystery series Twisted, before landing a role on the YouTube Premium series Impulse as Henrietta Coles.

She is set to appear in the upcoming James Wan horror film Malignant, which is due for release in 2021.

Speaking to Collider in 2019, Hasson opened up about being “misunderstood” as a teenager, and said she related to her Impulse character on a personal level.

“I was very similar to her, as a teenager,” Hasson said. “I was very often on my own, and I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder and I felt misunderstood, and all of the things that go with being a lonely, outcasted teenager.”

She said she felt “a lot more comfortable” filming the second season of the YouTube series, revealing that she felt “a lot of pressure” shooting the first season of the show.

Impulse, based on the 2013 Steven Gould novel, was cancelled in March 2020, much to the disappointment of its legion of fans.