Crackpot rabbi well and truly roasted after claiming COVID vaccine turns people gay: ‘Can you get gay twice?’

Daniel Asor Rabbi covid-19 vaccine gay

An Israeli rabbi made headlines when he claimed that COVID-19 vaccines can turn people gay – and LGBT+ people are having the time of their lives mocking him.

Rabbi Daniel Asor told his followers in a recent sermon that they should avoid being vaccinated against COVID-19 as doing so could “turn them” into homosexuals, according to Israel Hayom.

And countless queer people have taken to Twitter to mock Asor’s bizarre and potentially harmful pseudoscientific conspiracy theories.

Many have wondered if Asor’s logic also works the other way – if so, what happens when gay people are vaccinated against COVID-19?

Meanwhile, some pointed out that Asor’s theory would also effectively vaccinate straight people against being straight – something that would surely be worth celebrating.

Others imagined a world where everyone becomes gay as a result of the vaccine.

Some gay people also wondered if they can become gay twice.

Asor’s comments come as vaccines are being rolled out across the world in an effort to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

For many in Europe, the United States, and other countries that have failed to maintain control over the virus, the vaccine represents the only hope for a return of some kind of normality.

But that isn’t stopping Asor from falsely pushing conspiracy theories about both the vaccine and the virus itself, likely stopping many of his followers from getting vaccinated in the process.

Israeli rabbi claimed COVID-19 vaccine causes ‘opposite tendencies’

Asor made his comments in a sermon shared on social media, according to an Israeli news outlet.

In the sermon, he claimed that “any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate… causes opposite tendencies”.

“Vaccines are taken from an embryonic substrate, and they did that here, too, so… it can cause opposite tendencies,” he added.

The rabbi went on to claim that coronavirus, and vaccines made to combat the virus, are the work of a “global malicious government” made up of the Freemasons, the Illuminati and Bill Gates.

He said they are all conspiring to create a “new world order” and that they released COVID-19 in an effort to “cull [the] global population”.

Needless to say, there is not even a scrap of evidence to support any of Asor’s wild claims.

Furthermore, it should go without saying that vaccines cannot “turn” anybody gay. There is no evidence that any vaccine has ever resulted in a person changing their sexual orientation. Being gay is not a choice, nor is it a side-effect of a vaccine, as suggested by Asor.

Havruta, an LGBT+ organisation that works with the Haredi community, mocked the rabbi in a statement, saying they were “gearing up to welcome our impending new members” following wide scale rollout of the vaccine in Israel.