Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield opened up about struggles of being bisexual – then got erased

Abbie Chatfield admitted it's taken her a long time to come to terms with her sexuality. (@AbbieChatfield/Instagram)

Former Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield hit out at reports she is “just gay”, clarifying that she is proudly bisexual.

Chatfield spoke on the latest episode of her podcast It’s A Lot about the “weird internalised homophobia” that followed a formative experience she had with a woman while drunk in Amsterdam

“I like went to kiss her on the dance floor… and she was like, ‘What the f**k are you doing?’ and pushed me away,” she recalled.

In the episode, titled “The Mid-P***y-Eating-Am-I-Gay Moment”, Chatfield explained how when she first came out, she struggled with “making myself be part of the LGBT community”.

She spoke about feeling like a “fake” and being unsure of her feelings: “Even when I get with girls, even when I’m literally having sex with them I’m like, am I just pretending?”

Chatfield said she still deals with feelings of confusion aroud her sexuality. She recalls asking a man after they had sex recently: “Do you think I’m gay?”

The MailOnline wrote an article about the podcast, the headline of which suggested Chatfield thinks she’s “just gay”.

In fact, Chatfield said, while discussing her journey towards figuring out her sexuality: “Dating people, I’m like, I think I’m just gay, and I’m always with like feminine men.”

Chatfield took to Instagram on Thursday to clarify, saying: “I’ve never said ‘I am gay’ cause I’m not. I’m bi and I talk about it very openly and regularly.

“I said in an interview: Some days you’re gay somedays you’re straight, sexuality is fluid and now people [the media] are forcing me to come out as ‘gay’?”

She continued on her Instagram stories: “I’m actually quite upset about that. Not about being associated with being gay – obvi ya girl is bi. But a bitta banter on a podcast then gets clickbait of forcing someone to come out as something they aren’t?”

Many LGBT+ women have written about experiencing ‘queer impostor syndrome‘ and feeling like they might be lying due to the “fear of being invalidated and disbelieved”.

PeachPRC, who appeared on the podcast with Chatfield, expressed similar anxieties. Chatfield later posted a video of the pair on Instagram, captioned: “Being bi and finding out another woman is bi and not knowing what to do with that information”.

Chatfield rose to fame starring in The Bachelor Australia in 2019. The first series of The Bachelor Australia garnered worldwide fame after two of the female contestants ended up ditching the bachelor to be together.

Earlier this year, she won I’m A Celebrity Australia and took to Instagram to express her gratitude: “Crying in the toilets while writing this. I am so eternally grateful to everyone who voted for me and has supported me. I could write an essay about all of the cast and crew, but just know I love you all.”