Drag Race UK star Sister Sister hits out at ‘shocking and incredibly painful’ online hate

Sister Sister Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK star Sister Sister has hit out at the “shocking and incredibly painful” online abuse she has had to endure.

The season two star has faced persistent comments online from trolls who have criticised her efforts on the show.

Sister Sister addressed the abuse on Twitter on Sunday (21 February), and urged fans to “be kind”.

“I won’t lie, the last few days have been very tough,” she tweeted.

“Some of the hate I have had to read about myself has been shocking and incredibly painful. I want to thank everyone who has sent love and support, it means the world to me right now,” Sister Sister wrote.

She continued: “I’m just taking a minute to process it all and exercise a little self care.

“Lastly, don’t ever let anybody dampen your flame. If you’re shining bright and they don’t like it… shine brighter,” she added, along with a fire emoji.

The Drag Race UK star has been showered with support from fans and fellow drag queens since opening up about the impact of online trolling.

Drag Race UK stars rushed to support Sister Sister following online abuse.

Season one icon Cheryl Hole replied: “Doll this fan base can be so toxic. You were cast because you are a STAR! We’ve all seen it for years! I don’t want you to ever forget that cos there are loads of people that love and celebrate YOU.”

Drag Race season 12 contestant Jackie Cox replied: “It’s honestly completely out of hand at this point. Sending you love.”

Fellow legend Baga Chipz wrote: “YOU ARE AMAZING! Sending love.”

Sister Sister’s comments come just weeks after fellow Drag Race UK star A’Whora faced death threats and abuse on social media after she criticised a fellow queen’s look.

“My message is simple, if you have something to say then you should be able to own it and say it to their face, if not then shut up and put up, learn from your words and be open to making mistakes,” A’Whora wrote.

“We are human and if you know you did wrong then apologise, growth is success!”

She added: “I have had to sit here weeks upon end receiving death threats, abuse, hearing how much you hate me and had to be quiet, knowing that I knew I’d learnt and made my bed with my mistakes, I’ve had the world punish me to now know ‘never judge a book by its cover’! Please be kind!”