Taylor Swift declares ‘trans rights are human rights’ after historic Equality Act vote

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift said “trans rights are human rights” as she celebrated the passing of the Equality Act through the House of Representatives.

Swift, a long time LGBT+ ally, celebrated  as the US House of Representatives passed the Equality Act Thursday (25 February) by a vote of 224-206.

“YES,” she tweeted. “Fingers crossed and praying that the Senate will see trans and LGBTQ rights as basic human rights.”

Joe Biden tells Senate ‘it’s time’ to pass the Equality Act

Taylor Swift was among many to celebrate after the Equality Act repeated its historic first step through Congress – it was previously approved by the House in 2019, but was killed by the Republican-controlled Senate.

This time, it advances to an upper chamber evenly split between Democrats and the GOP, meaning it must win the support of 10 Republicans in order to advance past the 60-vote filibuster.

The Equality Act would prohibit discrimination against Americans based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. It would ensure equal treatment of LGBT+ people in employment, education, housing and even jury service.

President Biden also took to Twitter to celebrate the House passing the bill. He had previously called on Congress to pass the bill swiftly to protect the rights of LGBT+ Americans, and it seems like they took the president’s words to heart. Now, Biden has called on the Senate “to do the same”.

“Transgender rights are human rights – and the House made that clear today by passing the Equality Act,” Biden wrote on Twitter.

In the House, the vote on the Equality Act was largely along party lines with most Republicans opposing the bill. Democrats voted in favour of the Equality Act, along with three Republicans.

To pass in the Senate, the bill will need 60 votes in its favour to avoid a filibuster. Currently, Republicans have 50 seats in the Senate, while Democrats hold 48. There are also two independent seats and both caucus with Democrats.