YouTuber recreates Hamilton scene-for-scene in Animal Crossing, and it’s jaw-dropping

Animal Crossing

Ever since the game’s release in March last year, fans have been recreating music videos in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

We’ve had everything from Mariah Carey, to Britney’s Toxic, Ariana Grande’s thank u, next and even Cardi B’s iconic video for WAP, complete with tigers and twerking.

Now one YouTube creator is gradually recreating the entirety of Broadway sensation Hamilton in Animal Crossing. That’s two cultural giants merging in the most adorable way.

Lin Manuel Miranda’s show was already a hit both on-stage and for its soundtrack. Its arrival on Disney Plus as a live recording has only cemented its popularity.

Guitar_Knight14 is the creator behind the gradually updating video. So far, Act I has been completed in its entirety, lasting well over an hour with an incredible amount of detail. 

Now you can watch custom Animal Crossing characters along with villagers like Audie, Prince and Raymond acting out songs and scenes as the Schuyler sisters, King George and Hamilton himself, all set to the original soundtrack. 

Of course, the variety of actions in the game is limited, but Guitar_Knight14 has done a frankly staggering job of using in-game reactions and costumes to imitate the stage show in all its glory, all cut together with amazing editing and fake applause between numbers for that immersive experience.

Act II is already underway, so there’s plenty yet to come. You can support the creator on their Patreon page for updates on the project.

Nintendo’s adorable life sim is fast approaching its one year anniversary on the Nintendo Switch, its cute customisation and relaxing gameplay proving perfect for lockdown life.

As of December 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold over 31 million copies in less than ten months. That makes it the console’s second top-selling title after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with almost 40 per cent of Switch owners also owning Animal Crossing.

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