Don Lemon eviscerates Mike Pence over new election fraud claim: ‘Have you not debased yourself enough?’

On the left: a screen grab of an angry Don Lemon talking to camera. On the right: Mike Pence, looking down, a fly resting on his white hair

Mike Pence broke his post-inauguration silence with an essay peddling yet more election conspiracy theories, and Don Lemon isn’t having any of it.

The former vice president made his first public remarks since leaving office in the form of a remarkable op-ed published on Wednesday (March 3) for The Heritage Foundation, the anti-LGBT+ think tank he now works for.

Pence made a series of wild claims about election security, including the outright lie that the 2020 election, which he and Donald Trump convincingly lost, was stained by “significant voting irregularities”.

It appears not even the genuine threat of being murdered by insurrectionists storming the US Capitol was enough to make Pence see sense. Many were shocked and disappointed that America’s least favourite homophobe would continue to peddle such blatant, proven mistruths – including CNN’s Don Lemon.

In a searing monologue, Lemon pointed out the obvious: “There were no significant voting irregularities people. Stop falling for this bullcrap.”

“Remember they wanted to hang him, right,” Lemon continued. “He’s so enthralled to this disgraced, twice-impeached one-term former president that he’s still supporting that big lie. The big lie that almost got him killed.”

The CNN anchor cut to footage from the US Capitol of insurretionsists chanting: “Hang Mike Pence. Hang Mike Pence.”

“See the gallows?” He asked. “They wanted to hang you, Mike Pence.”

Lemon continued: “Do you care about power that much? I guess you do. Sorry, I shouldn’t even ask that question. I shouldn’t waste my time.

“All that and Mike Pence is still sucking up to his former boss? Have you not debased yourself enough for that man?”

Lemon reminded viewers that lies like the ones told by Mike Pence put lives in danger – not just those of the former vice president and his family, who escaped from rioters with just moments to spare – but those of “heroes” such as Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman.

“And lets remember, Donald Trump didn’t even call Mike Pence during the riot to find out if he and his family were OK,” he continued.

“Instead, he tweeted before he was permanently banned from Twitter, for his lies, tweeted an attack on his own vice president.

“All that is OK with Mike Pence now. Fine with the big lie, fine with lives within in danger, fine with voter suppression. He’s gambled his integrity away.”