Rubber boobs, Rylan and the Kween D**k: the funniest tweets and memes from this week’s Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK

It’s hard to believe, but our collective Drag Race UK journey really is almost over, and what a wild ride its been.

Just a few short weeks ago, we’d never heard “UK Hun”, and no one knew what a Bimini Bon Boulash was. Well, apart from Bimini and her fans, friends and family, that is. Now, we wake up every single morning singing about being a “cis-tem offender” before heading off to defeat the patriarchy. Or maybe that’s just me.

This week introduced us to the hottest new series of all time, well, apart from Downton Draggy, of course. But Beastenders was ‘much betta’, in our opinion, not least because it showed us what it would have been like if Dot Cotton and Mick Carter had got together. Who needs slash fanfic when you’ve got Drag Race UK?

There was a shock ending too, as both Tayce and Ellie Diamond were told “shantay, you stay”, otherwise known as the Sir Alan Sugar method of deciding who wins reality TV competitions.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s check out the funniest memes and reactions from this week’s episode.

Rylan pretty much won the “Mickayyy!” reactions with this tweet.

Although this was a close second.

Natalie Cassidy’s guest appearance was both iconic and relatable.

Also Natalie Cassidy > Anne Hathaway.

The fact that Drag Race UK is nearly over was a source of much dismay.

A strong entry from the official BBC Three account here.

The answer to this question is obviously Ginny Lemon.

The Kween Dick pub menu’s gags were easy to miss, so here you go.

Honestly, every single moment of BeastEnders was ICONIC.

Cheryl Hole was NOT impressed by the double shantay. Why wasn’t she in the final, eh?

And she wasn’t the only one with lots of Drag Race UK opinions.

A lot of people thought that Tayce was being critiqued unfairly.

Including Tayce.

The choice of lip sync music went down very well. Particularly with Steps. Because it was a Steps song.

This isn’t a response to this week’s Drag Race UK episode, but it is an important movement we should all get behind.

As is mention this.

That’s it for our penultimate Drag Race UK meme round up. Want more memes? You can find previous instalments here, here, here, here, here, and here.