Dua Lipa left ‘shaken’ after being charged by frenzied fans in Mexico

On the left: Dua Lipa, with a face masks, cowers as she is surrounded by fans. On the right: Fans run towards Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa narrowly escaped from frenzied fans in Mexico City, Mexico, after a group charged at her during a “scary” incident Saturday evening (20 March).

Startling mobile phone footage posted on social media shows the moment the British singer strolled out of a building in the capital and was greeted by cheering fans.

She can be seen beelining it to a waiting car as bodyguards circle her and a friend leads the way.

But as she approached her vehicle and waved at passers-by, some began rushing her. Various video clips show her being knocked to the side by the charging fans, who grabbed her arm, as she clutches her handbag and attempts to dart away.

Dua Lipa’s security team scrambled to squash the scuffle described to The Sun by a source as “nasty” and “scary”.

The footage ends with fans chanting “Dua” in support after she boarded the vehicle and prepared to leave.

It is understood that Dua Lipa was not injured during the brief scuffle but was, the newspaper described, left “shaken” by it.

“News that she was in the area spread and obviously people were keen to catch sight of Dua,” the source claimed.

“But it turned nasty when two fans rushed up to her. They really ran at her and it looked scary.

“Dua Lipa looked really uncomfortable. Thankfully security was there to drag the people away because who knows what could have happened.”

After news of the tussle spread online, it prompted an outpour of apologies from fans who sought to stress that what happened in no way represents her entire fanbase in Mexico.

It appears that the 25-year-old has flown to Mexico as part of her partnership with major fashion label Yves Saint Laurent. “So happy to be back on set for the new Libre campaign with my Yves Saint Laurent team,” she wrote on Twitter.

Dua Lipa says she can relate to Britney Spears

Dua Lipa explained earlier this month that when it comes to the “anxiety-inducing” paparazzi that Britney Spears encountered in the 2000s, she knows them all too well.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times about the eye-opening Framing Britney Spears documentary, she said: “I’ve grown to be more private because so much of my life is public, and I probably censor myself more than I used to.

Dua Lipa, who has come out in support of the Brunei boycott, speaks onstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Dua Lipa. (Emma McIntyre/Getty)

“I also don’t love the idea of making music for headlines or for controversy.

“The feeling of going down the street and they’re trying to catch you in this very awkward picture – it can be anxiety-inducing, honestly.

“And Britney’s time was pre-Instagram when everything was purely about the tabloids, and there were no laws in place about what paparazzi were allowed to do.

“She was being harassed – that’s exactly what it was.”