Britney Spears gets vaccinated and shares encouraging message for those unsure of the life-saving jab

Britney Spears vaccine

Britney Spears got her COVID-19 vaccine and gave an encouraging message to those still on the fence about receiving the life-saving injection.

The singer shared a video of herself and boyfriend Sam Asghari on Instagram where she revealed that getting the jab was totally painless.

“Alright, so what did you think of the vaccine?” Asghari asks Britney Spears in the video.

“OK, the people on the internet said it was really, really bad, it was like a bullet going through your arm. It was nothing. I felt nothing.”

She added: “I’m fine and I hope I continue to stay fine,” before giving her boyfriend a high five.

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Britney Spears fans declare their ‘queen is safe’ after COVID-19 vaccine

Fans were overjoyed to see Britney Spears getting a vaccine, which after a few weeks. One summed up the feelings of pretty much everyone, simply commenting: “Our queen is safe!”

Another wrote: “If Britney says you should get the COVID vaccine, YOU HAVE TO GET THE COVID VACCINE.”

One fan declared Britney is now the “queen of vaccines”, while another said: “That seems to be the most genuine smile I’ve seen in a long time”.

The “Toxic” singer didn’t share what coronavirus vaccine she was given. A single dose of the Pfizer or Moderna jabs is up to 80 per cent effective in preventing COVID-19 infection, the CDC says, though a second dose is required for full vaccination. The Johnson & Johnson jab is a single-dose vaccine and was 66.3 per cent effective in trials. The US is yet to authorise the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine that trials suggest gives 100% protection against severe illness, hospitalisation and death.

The news comes just a week after Spears finally broke her silence about the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, which took the world by storm when it was released in February.

The documentary put a harsh spotlight on the media’s treatment of Spears in the years leading up to her mental health crisis of 2007 and 2008.

It also looked at the court-ordered conservatorship she was placed under more than a decade ago, which gave her father Jamie Spears significant control over her personal affairs.

Writing on Instagram, Spears said she didn’t watch the documentary, but said she was “embarrassed” by what she did see.

“I cried for two weeks and well… I still cry sometimes!!!! I do what I can in my own spirituality with myself to try to keep my own joy… love… and happiness,” she wrote.