New PS5 controller update: DualSense update now live as part of wider system upgrade

DualSense controller

A new PS5 DualSense controller update is now live for your PlayStation, here’s how to install it.

No patch notes have been released so what exactly the update is for isn’t known, but it’s important to keep your controller and console up to date with the latest software so everything keeps running as smoothly as possible.

Without a controller, you can’t interact with the console so you wouldn’t want it to stop working.

How to update controller PS5

You’ll be prompted to update the controller when you next log in to the console. Simply plug in the PS5 DualSense with the USB wire and accept the terms to start the new PS5 controller update.

The controller update comes alongside the first major software update for the console that, finally, adds external USB storage compatibility.

The internal SSD is responsible for the console’s super fast loading times, so all games need to be run directly from it.

However, many games are rapidly running out of space as the size of digital game downloads grows. Using an external storage solution allows you to – at last – increase capacity, even if that means manually managing software between the drives.

The software update also brings new social features. The biggest is Share Play cross-functionality between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, so now PS5 players can share their screen with friends on the other console and even let them test the game themselves.

Also, game updates can now be pre-downloaded while the console is in rest mode – a massive time saver when you want to jump into a game faster than you can say SSD.

Speaking of the DualSense, controller drift has been noted as a major problem with the controllers.

A class-action lawsuit was filed by a US law firm earlier this year, the same that filed against Nintendo for a similar issue in their joy-cons.

Perhaps the new PS5 controller update will solve the drift issue? We can but hope.