Tamisha Iman said she was coming for Monét X Change. What happened instead was much more interesting

Tamisha Iman

Drag Race star Tamisha Iman promised to spill hot tea about Monét X Change, but instead announced she’d be launching The Tamisha Iman Network.

The drama started after Tamisha Iman took issue with Monét X Change’s critiques of her throughout her season of Drag Race, and she gave notice on Saturday (1 May) that she would be reading Monet the following Tuesday. Tamisha said she would “make an example out of every b***h who has uttered” her name.

But Tamisha’s promised video, posted Tuesday (4 May), focused more on the Drag Race fanbase and promoting her upcoming subscription-based channel than the drama with Monet. The video was removed from Tamisha’s social media channels but uploaded elsewhere.

In the video, Tamisha started by claiming that she had gotten “all kinds of messages” from the “powers that may be” that said she should “shut [her] damn mouth and stay in [her] place”.

She proceeded to say that she was choosing to stand her ground and speak up against the “powers that be… be it the universe or whoever”.

“I’m choosing to stand my ground,” Tamisha said. “Now with that being said, I know how to say exactly what I need to say without saying anything, and hopefully y’all are smart enough to get it.”

Tamisha Iman says Drag Race fans ‘are the worst’

Tamisha Iman explained that she was “restricted to what you can and can’t say” on a public social media platform.

She then said the “biggest problem” with “this whole organisation and this franchise” is the fanbase. Tamisha declared that Drag Race has the “worst fanbase of any reality show out there”, one that will “take anything that you say” and “make it according to however they want to be received”.

She proceeded to say that she never had a problem with Bob the Drag Queen, who co-hosts the Sibling Rivalry podcast with Monet X Change and was caught up in the drama.

Tamisha said Bob was one of her biggest supporters, and that her problems were with “the show and Monet”. She didn’t explicitly say what those problems were.

She said the “minions” and “gremlins” in the Drag Race fan base had gotten the drama “twisted” because “y’all think y’all need to know everything”. Tamisha also declared that any attempts to cancel her won’t work because she has been dealing with “being cancelled” for 30 years.

She added that she has been “censored to a certain degree by a lot of platforms” so she was going to start her own subscription-based channel where she can “control the narrative”. Tamisha said it seemed to her that she had “removed a bandage off a sore” after speaking on “this situation”, and there were more “girls” who are “afraid to speak out” in public.

“So many of the girls that are afraid to speak out have flooded my inbox with things that have happened to them, things that are going on and they are afraid to speak on it in the realm of social media because they can’t [because] there is a backlash that is going to happen to them,” Tamisha said.

She also announced that she would be launching the Tamisha Iman Network to host panel discussions with these queens and be able to “talk about things”. Fans will be able to view individual shows for a $15.99 fee or sign up for a subscription at $25 per month. She also said there would be a show with Bob the Drag Queen, Monét X Change and herself with a moderator on the channel in the coming weeks.

Tamisha said the money from the shows would primarily be going to the queens featured on her network, who she said were mostly not getting work or did not have a stable income.

There has been a mixed reception to the video, mostly from fans who were here for mess.

Some fans jumped to support Tamisha. One person said the queen is “truly just being a responsible adult” by having a “moderated discussion” with Monet and Bob and commended her for “doing a weekly show that’s gonna support queens of color”.

Another person said the fee was “kind of worth it” considering that Tamisha Iman is “letting underappreciated queens” use the show “as a spotlight”.