Ellen DeGeneres explains why she’s living with Friends star Courteney Cox

Ellen DeGeneres & Courteney Cox

Ellen DeGeneres has moved in with Friends star Courteney Cox, but assures fan it is not due to “marital troubles” with wife Portia de Rossi.

On a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host introduced Cox as a guest, saying: “The world knows my first guest from a little show called Friends, but currently I just know her as my landlord.”

Cox responded: “I don’t consider myself a landlord, I consider myself your roommate.”

DeGeneres clarified she and her wife, Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi, were rosy, explaining: “I’m not living with Courteney Cox because I’ve been kicked out of my house.

“We sold our house here in Beverly Hills and we needed a place to stay. [Courteney was] kind enough to say, ‘Yes, stay at my house.'”

The couple sold their mansion for $47 million, below their original asking price of $53.5 million. They bought the home from Maroon 5’s Adam Levine back in 2019 for $42 million.

Ellen DeGeneres and Courteney Cox joked about what it’s been like living together.

Cox said: “First of all, you know you’re my style guru so I was nervous about you staying here, being that I haven’t redone it. I haven’t been there in a year.

“So I had it cleaned and I moved everything off to the right side of the bathroom so you’d have your space in the drawers. I was just really ready for you and then my assistant went there the next day after you left and [I asked her], ‘How does it look? Is it okay?’ And she’s like, ‘It looks great.’

“I said, ‘Show me around,’ and it was like, all of a sudden, ‘Wait a minute. Ellen’s toothbrush is on my side.’ I was like, ‘Well, where is my makeup?’

“So essentially, you’re a terrible roommate. You took over my side and your side.”

DeGeneres and de Rossi have yet to find a new home, but they have extensive experience in purchasing property together. Since they started dating in 2004, they have owned over 20 homes.

Previoulsy, they have sold homes to Ariana Grande, Ryan Seacrest and the late Heath Ledger.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has seen a drastic drop in ratings in 2021 after a slew of criticism from staff, claiming workplace bullying and toxicity behind the scenes.

The host also lost thousands of social media followers during the scandal, the most of any celebrity in 2020 according to one report.