GB News, Dan Wotton and Laurence Fox trolled by caller baring his bum

Adam Pacitti GB News

GB News, Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox have been spectacularly trolled by a man who asked a question on television with his bum out.

The right-wing British current affairs station launched just days ago, but it already has a lengthy list of embarrassing moments under its belt – and somehow, they just keep coming.

The latest spectacle occurred on Tonight Live with Dan Wootton on Wednesday night (16 June) during the host’s interview with former London mayoral candidate Laurence Fox.

Wootton helpfully took some time to field questions from the public – which gave one viewer the perfect opportunity to bare his bum on television.

Adam Pacitti bared it all on GB News

“We’ve got a question here from Adam that we can take a look at,” Wootton said, before a pre-recorded clip was broadcast.

In the clip, Adam can be seen holding up his phone with a mirror in the background.

“Hello, I am a great fan of your work and also a great fan of comedy. I am a man who loves to laugh. I am of the belief that either one can joke about everything or nothing at all,” he said, before briefly panning the camera so that his bare behind is visible in the mirror’s reflection in the background.

Adam closed out his question by noting that somebody “will always be offended by a joke” before asking for Fox’s thoughts.

The spectacular moment quickly amassed thousands of views, likes and retweets on Twitter after it was shared widely.

One Twitter user took the time out of his day to tweet GB News about the incident, writing: “You do realise that guy had his arse out? Check the reflection in the mirror!”

Adam Pacitti, managing director of Cultaholic Wrestling, happily admitted to being the prankster on social media in the hours after the incident.

He shared the clip, writing: “A solid night’s work.”

Seemingly proving Adam’s point that somebody will always be offended by a joke, one Twitter user reprimanded him for the “pathetic” stunt, writing: “You lefties will never ever run this country”.

He responded in the best possible way – by urging the Twitter user to subscribe to Cultaholic Wrestling.

Pacitti has been inundated with praise from fans for the stunt, while most people inwardly cringed for the producers on GB News who allowed the clip to air.