Theatre erupts into cheers as drag performer stops play to confront ‘d**khead’ who threw bottle

Death Drop star Holly Stars.

On the final night of the “Dragatha Christie” murder mystery West End play Death Drop, performer Holly Stars was filmed iconically confronting a lout who threw a bottle on stage.

The murder mystery drag play, which has starred RuPaul’s Drag Race icons Latrice Royale, Willam, Monet X Change and Courtney Act, ended its run at London’s Garrick Theatre on Sunday (11 July).

But when one audience member tried to ruin the night by throwing a bottle onto the stage, Holly Stars, who wrote Death Drop and also stars in the show, stepped up as “the icon and no-nonsense queen we all need right now”.

She halted the performance to confront the bottle-thrower, shouting into the stalls: “Whoever threw this bottle of coke up, get the f**k out of this theatre!”

As she called on security to “get this d**khead out of our theatre”, she was met with cheers from the rest of the audience, who began chanting “out, out, out”.

As the disrespectful audience member was escorted out, the performers took their places and continued with the play.

A video of the iconic moment was shared on Twitter by Death Drop creator Christopher D Clegg, and fans were overjoyed by Stars’ handling of the situation.

One wrote: “Basic rule, don’t f**k with Holly Stars, 10/10 shouldn’t have to tolerate that s**t.”

“We shouldn’t have to expect actors to police audience behaviour… but Holly Stars is a legend for treating this delinquent with the contempt he deserves,” said another.

Clegg, who created the concept of the West End murder mystery drag play, added: “Just an FYI, if you throw a full bottle of Coke at a drag performer, you will absolutely be thrown out of the theatre, read to filth, and the police will be called.

“What absolute utter disgusting behaviour…. For no apparent reason! D**khead.”