Singer Self Esteem celebrated her ‘juicy bod’ and of course, the creeps came crawling out

Self esteem album prioritise pleasure

Singer Self Esteem celebrated her “juicy bod” on the cover of her second album Prioritise Pleasure, and of course the creeps came out in force.

Prioritise Pleasure is set to be released on 22 October. On Wednesday (7 July), Self Esteem unveiled the album’s cover to coincide with the release of her single of the same name.

Referencing the song’s lyrics, the artist – real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor – shared the album art on Twitter and wrote: “I had flesh coloured tights on from M and S and no the gusset didn’t hurt and yes my s**te tattoo is photoshopped out but that’s my body unedited and yes I had done a thorough shave the night before but that’s just for me.”

Self Esteem told DIY Magazine that a “big theme of the record” was “reclaiming any sense of your body and enjoyment and pleasure when you’ve been vilified for it”. But unfortunately, internet creeps didn’t get the memo.

Alongside the heaps of praise for the incredible new single and album cover, the singer also revealed that she had received an email from a “chubby connoisseur”.

She tweeted: “OK just got an email from a ‘chubby connoisseur’ who wants to buy just the poster and has ‘little interest’ in the music… I know my new glossy pop pics celebrating my juicy bod in whatever I wanna wear was going to get some weird s**t from the usual kind of people but my personal email?? On a Thursday! When I’d just settled down to scroll Deliveroo? Not the one!”

Self Esteem later shared an excerpt of the email, which asked her to make “rear view posters available for purchase”, and told her “to quit music and do modelling”.

Luckily, the artist had the perfect explanation for why internet creeps couldn’t handle the album cover or the single: “People absolutely cannot stand a woman enjoying herself, her body, her power and her sexuality! What a sad little life Jane!!!!”