Self Esteem receives ‘thirsty DMs’ after dropping stunning lingerie campaign

Self Esteem has teamed up with Bluebella for their 'Prioritise Pleasure' Valentine's Day collection. (Bluebella)

Lingerie brand Bluebella has teamed up with Self Esteem for their Prioritise Pleasure Valentine’s Day collection.

Their campaign shares the same name as the singer’s acclaimed Mercury Prize-nominated album and sees them celebrate femininity, body positivity and pleasure.

The lingerie and accessories collection has launched ahead of Valentine’s Day and is available to shop at

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The singer announced the news on Twitter, writing: “Surprise! I’m the face and bod of this years @bluebella valentines campaign! Every day is Valentines Day! Thanks for having me!”

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She followed it up, saying: “I was rather worried about this in light of recent events but the sheer amount of thirsty DM’s from women in the first 15 mins of it being up has certified it a worthwhile endeavour.”

Bluebella is a really great team with a really none heteronormative core and the products are really good quality and chic. Thanks for having me!,” she added.

In the replies, one fan wrote: “Omg! You look f**king fantastic!!! Love to see it! I like Bluebella, I have some pyjamas that I wear as a suit.”

Another fan of the brand and singer said: “Love this so much. Love Bluebella’s lingerie too. Beautiful, sexy and empowering.”

Another said: “Love everything about this! You’re killing it.”

Bluebella’s Valentine’s Day collection is celebrating femininity, body positivity and pleasure.

The collection features a number of different styles including embroidered and lace pieces in red and black designs.

There are harness suspenders, thongs, bras, stockings, suspender belts, kimonos, bustier, chokers and body suits to choose from.

The brand, who have previously worked with Drag Race icons said they teamed up with Rebecca Lucy Taylor aka Self Esteem to “put a spin on the conventional meaning behind Valentine’s Day”.

They’re aiming to “celebrate unapologetic femininity, body positivity, and – of course – pleasure, however it’s defined”.

The collection ranges between £12-£64 and is now available to shop at

Self Esteem blasts body-shaming trolls

Earlier this month the singer slammed fatphobic trolls after making her TV debut in the US on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The artist performed her breakthrough single “I Do This All The Time” from their album Prioritise Pleasure with a touching message of empowerment that moved many people.

However, among the adoring fans were a few pathetic trolls who had the audacity to target Self Esteem’s body size.

“American people are calling me fat on the internet,” Taylor tweeted after the performance had gone live, “Which is whatever but I really do feel like it’s a time warp here in terms of cultural societal expectations of femininity.

“I’ve struggled with disordered eating my whole life and I cba to feel s**te anymore about a body that is currently working perfectly well.

“I am no less talented or excellent because I’m heavier than a Hadid etc. I may gain or lose weight but jfc I dream of a day where it isn’t a talking point.

“The thing is, it’s not hard to get really thin. It just makes life something a lot less lovely. My inner wiring certainly sees my reflection as something that needs ‘sorting’ but then I remember the lovely vs less lovely toss up and get on with my day.”

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