Jaw-dropping Normani and Cardi B video introduces the world to self-scissoring and fans can’t cope

Normani Cardi B

Normani recruited Cardi B for her incredible comeback single, “Wild Side”, and fans are truly ascending.

Two long years after “Motivation” taught a generation of baby gays about the ’00s, Normani has returned with the Aaliyah-sampling “Wild Side”, featuring Cardi B.

The pair released the jaw-dropping music video for the new song on Thursday night (15 July). Directed by Tanu Muino, it sees Normani showcase her otherworldly dance talents, defying gravity and, at one point, scissoring herself, while she cycles through what appears to be hundreds of costume changes.

Cardi B arrives at the midway point for a rap verse apparently intended to end all rap verses.

Normani and Cardi B broke the internet with ‘Wild Side’

Needless to say, Twitter immediately disintegrated when the music video finally landed.

Fans felt a lot of feelings as they watched the music video for “Wild Side” for the first time.

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Writing on Twitter after the music video debuted, Cardi B joked that she had written another verse for the song, but the singer’s team asked her to make it “nastier”.

“I was like alright… your wish is my command,” the rapper tweeted.

Normani first teased “Wild Side” in February in a video posted to social media captioned with the lyric: “Know it’s been awhile.”

Fans have been waiting with baited breath ever since for the former Fifth Harmony singer to release new music.

Normani and Cardi B teased their epic music video ahead of its release in a truly iconic Twitter exchange.

After the single artwork, which shows the pair lying naked, their bodies covered only by strands of hair, was unveiled, Cardi B started trending on Twitter.

The rapper shared the news, writing: “The world is ready for Normani supremacy!!!!”

The singer shared her tweet, writing: “Okay sooooo I just watched the video again. Sis what the actual f**k.”

“Wild Side” marks Normani’s first single since her January 2020 collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, “Diamonds”.

It comes just weeks after Cardi B announced her pregnancy on stage at the BET Awards.

The rapper took to the stage to perform Migos’ tracks “Straightenin'” and “Type S**t” in a black unitard with a mesh panel on the stomach, showing a baby bump.

She confirmed the news shortly afterwards on social media.

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