Leslie Jordan commentating Tom Daley’s Olympics victory is peak Leslie Jordan

Half of Leslie Jordan's face in front of a television screen of Tom Daley and Matty Lee at the Olympics

Leslie Jordan went full-on Leslie Jordan with extra-thirsty commentary on Tom Daley and Matty Lee’s gold medal win – and the Olympian absolutely “loves” it.

The British diving duo struck gold in the Tokyo Olympic Games earlier this week, beating China’s Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen in the men’s synchronised 10-metre platform.

Jordan, the 66-year-old sitcom legend, congratulated Daley on his first Olympic gold medal on Tuesday (26 July) as he watched the games on NBC.

“My friend is a better diver than your friend,” he wrote on Instagram. “Way to go @tomdaley — Olympic Gold.

“Can I touch it ….. your medal?”

Leslie Jordan loves ‘tight speedos’

In the accompanying video, which has been viewed more than 930,000 times, Leslie Jordan watched with glee as the divers and their tiny, tiny Speedos dove deep.

“This is the way I would be if I reported from the Olympics,” the Will and Grace icon began.


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“Ooh! There they go,” he shouted as Yuan and Aisen leapt from the diving board.

“Flip flop, round and round. There’s Tom Daley – see, they’ve got to make 100 points to be him, they’re not going to be able to do it, I don’t think.”

Jordan joked that he might grab his own swimming briefs and give Daley a run for his money.

“Look! Woo! Little tight Speedos,” he says. “There you go, there you go, that’s how I’d be the reporter.

“Leslie Jordan reporting for duty with the Olympic Diving.

“I think I could do it,” he said watching the athletes dive, “just flip around a bit.”

Daley himself was pretty impressed with Jordan’s commentary skills, writing “LOVE IT!” in the comments.

No word on letting Leslie touch his medal, though.

Daley ultimately went on to bring the house down with a stunning performance on the synchronised 10m platform.

It was a win, he said at a press conference later, that shows LGBT+ people “can achieve anything“.