Drag Race UK’s Lawrence Chaney calls out ‘misogynist’ fans attacking first cis woman queen

A side by side image Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney and series three contestant Victoria Scone in beautiful orange themed outfits

Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney has come out swinging for fellow queen Victoria Scone once again, saying trolls attacking the season three star are “misogynists”.

Victoria made Drag Race herstory as the first cisgender woman to ever be cast in the franchise’s 12-year saga.

While many celebrated the series for casting the self-titled “celesbian” – short for “celebrity lesbian” – a handful of trolls questioned her right to be there

The flurry of backlash prompted Lawrence Chaney, the reigning Drag Race UK winner, to artfully cut critics down to form in a searing interview with Metro.

She described how some Drag Race viewers were angry when she won season two earlier this year. Lawrence claimed the real reason these viewers were upset that she took the crown was because “I’m fat” or “they just don’t like me”.

And when it comes to trolls attacking Victoria, Lawrence just wants people to admit the truth behind why they don’t like her – misogyny.

“With Victoria Scone, I just want these trolls to admit that they’re misogynists,” Lawrence said. “That’s truly what I want them to admit because I’m sorry, how can it ever be wrong for a show to be more inclusive? How?”

She told Metro it’s “not just men in wigs” at drag bars and shows. Lawrence explained there are loads of transgender people, non-binary individuals, women (both straight and queer) and bisexual people who frequent such events and spaces.

“I think this is the right time, and I think her [Victoria] shaking up the world is what we needed right now because when you look back at drag at its roots, drag is meant to shake it up,” she said. “Drag isn’t meant to be normal.”

In a chef-kiss-worthy Twitter thread defending Victoria Scone last month, Lawrence Chaney pointed out that she too is part of the LGBT+ community. She added that her friend has been “subject to a lot of misogyny in the drag community” because she is a cisgender woman.

“Women are seen as less than in so many social situations, so trust me, I’m so happy she is on Drag Race UK,” Lawrence said.

The gorgeous queen described Victoria as someone who is “going to change the world” and will “show a new audience that they can not only do drag but they are valid”.