Trans showrunner cuts ties with Netflix over ‘blatantly transphobic’ Dave Chappelle special

Dave Chappelle's special The Closer is still being defended by Netflix.

Netflix is under pressure to pull Dave Chapelle’s offensive anti-trans “comedy” amid mounting condemnation from GLAAD, the National Black Justice Coalition and Dear White People’s Jaclyn Moore.

Chapelle’s controversial stand-up special The Closer sees him make explicit jokes about trans women’s genitals and defend DaBaby and JK Rowling, before declaring himself “Team TERF”.

He also dismisses the criticism he faced for punching down on trans women in his previous comedy routines, Equanimity and Sticks and Stones.

Jaclyn Moore, a writer, executive producer and showrunner on Netflix series Dear White People, was so shocked by the comedy she has now cut ties streaming service altogether.

She announced her decision on Twitter on Thursday (7 October), declaring that she is “done” with Netflix.

“I love so many of the people I’ve worked with at Netflix. Brilliant people and executives who have been collaborative and fought for important art… But I’ve been thrown against walls because, “I’m not a ‘real’ woman.” I’ve had beer bottles thrown at me. So, Netflix, I’m done,” she wrote.

Moore added: “I will not work with them as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously transphobic content.

“Those words have real world consequences. Consequences that every trans woman I know has dealt with. Bruises and panicked phone calls to friends. That’s real,” she continued.

“So when he says people should be mad a trans woman won a ‘Woman of the Year’ award… When he misgenders… When he says he should’ve told that mother her daughter WAS A DUDE… I just can’t… I can’t be a part of a company that thinks that’s worth putting out and celebrating.”

Chappelle’s latest show sparked a wave of backlash immediately after its release on Tuesday (5 October), with the LGBT+ organisation GLAAD leading the criticism against both Netflix and Chapelle.

“Dave Chappelle’s brand has become synonymous with ridiculing trans people and other marginalised communities,” GLAAD said in a statement.

“Negative reviews and viewers loudly condemning his latest special is a message to the industry that audiences don’t support platforming anti-LGBTQ diatribes. We agree.”

The National Black Justice Coalition, a civil rights advocacy group serving the LGBT+ community, also urged Netflix to remove the special saying it “should know better” than to promote such shows.

“With 2021 on track to be the deadliest year on record for transgender people in the United States – the majority of whom are Black transgender people – Netflix should know better,” NBJC executive director David Johns said in a statement.

“Perpetuating transphobia perpetuates violence. Netflix should immediately pull The Closer from its platform and directly apologise to the transgender community.”

During the special, Chappelle claims he has “never had a problem with transgender people”.

However, he goes on a shocking monologue about trans women’s genitals, saying: “Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those pussies that they got… you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not pussy, but it’s Beyond pussy or Impossible pussy. It tastes like pussy, but that’s not quite what it is, is it?”

Netflix has yet to address the criticism. PinkNews contacted Dave Chappelle’s representatives for comment.