Man jailed for stabbing nurse after sex while screaming ‘I’m not gay’

Man holding knife

A man in Liverpool has been jailed for stabbing a nurse 12 times in a “homophobic” rage after they’d had sex.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Stephen Taylor, 24, met the victim when they both went for drinks at a house in Wirral, Merseyside, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Taylor said he had left his phone charger with the victim, who ordered him a taxi to his house and invited him in for a drink.

The victim, a mental health nurse, learned from a friend that Taylor was “straight”, but after leaving the house received a message from him.

Prosecutor Neil Bisarya said that while they were drinking gin, at around 3am, Taylor “leant over and grabbed [the victim’s] penis”, asking if he wanted “a bit of fun”.

The two men kissed and had sex, before Taylor asked the victim to engage in a sex act that was “not his thing”.

Later, Taylor asked the victim to perform the sex act on him, but when he refused, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing him.

He gave the victim’s penis a “painful and hard squeeze” while he stabbed him in the neck, the court heard. When Taylor began stabbing him in the face, the victim smashed a glass over his head to escape.

The victim eventually managed to get hold of the knife by tripping Taylor.

Bisarya said: “Mr Taylor was shouting, saying ‘I’m not f**king gay’. Mr Taylor was in a rage. He was calling him a ‘f**king f****t’.”

The victim was “rugby tackled” by a naked Taylor and they fell down the stairs, breaking the victim’s foot. Taylor eventually left, and the victim called the police.

He was left with an “extensive open wound” in his neck, as well as stab wounds and cuts on his face, chest, armpit and arms.

Taylor was arrested after police received reports of a naked man walking in the streets.

Gay victim left ‘physically and emotionally broken’

The victim, who has left his job and flat since the attack, is being treated for PTSD, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances.

He said in a statement: “I feel I will never be the same again.

“What Stephen Taylor has done to me has both physically and emotionally broken me.”

Taylor’s legal representation said that he acted in self-defence, and that the victim attacked him first after they had sex.

But judge Garrett Byrne rejected the claim, having reviewed CCTV from inside the flat.

He said: “You were the aggressor at all times, other than when the victim was forced to hit you on the head with the glass.

“Having seen the CCTV, it shows you are not trying to get out… it shows you detaining the victim in order to continue the attack.”

He added that the attack was “at least in part motivated by some homophobia, given the remarks attributed to you by the victim, which I conclude you did in fact use”.

Taylor was cleared of wounding with intent but found guilty of wounding, and was sentenced to three years in prison, minus the 250 days he has already served of qualifying home curfew.

When he was sentenced by the judge, Taylor ripped off his electronic tag, shouting “you can f**king have that mate” while throwing it across the courtroom.