Aubrey Plaza teases sequel to gay Christmas flick Happiest Season: ‘My character deserves love too’

Parks And Recreation star Aubrey Plaza has sent fans into a spin as she teased there will be a sequel to her hit 2020 Hulu gay Christmas movie Happiest Season.

In a fan’s TikTok, filmed at a book signing for Plaza’s new children’s book The Legend of the Christmas Witch, the actress can be heard speaking about the film, telling them “there’s going to be another one”.

When the fan react’s with a gasp of joy, Plaza continues to say with a smile: “Um, yeah? Because my character deserves love too!”

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Aubrey Plaza, who is bisexual in real life, plays the character of Riley in the pivotal film which also stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as a lesbian couple. They return to Davis’ character Harper’s hometown for Christmas where her family and friends aren’t aware of her sexuality.

Stewart’s character Abby eventually encounters Riley who reveals she had a previous relationship with Harper in high school, but it ended when their romance was made public and Harper denied both her sexuality and relationship with Riley to their peers.

Despite concerns over whether Harper is capable of living as an out and proud gay woman – spoiler alert – Abby and Harper eventually make it work and live happily ever after.  However, fans have long lamented that Riley deserved to find love too, perhaps leaving the door open for a sequel?

The film, which won a GLAAD Media Award in April 2021 for Outstanding Film – Wide Release, also features hilarious performances from Dan Levy, Allison Brie and Mary Holland.

Holland, who also helped to write to film’s screenplay, previously hinted that a sequel was in the works in May 2021, telling Us Weekly: “I mean, it’s in very early stages. The story of Happiest Season was an idea that [director] Clea [DuVall] had for many years.

“So I’m very, very open and very curious of where she sees it going. I do really feel like this is Clea’s story and I’m excited to see what happens.”