Bojack Horseman creator accuses Netflix of shameful hypocrisy over Dave Chappelle

Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has criticised Netflix for its handling of Dave Chappelle’s comedy special.

Earlier this year, Netflix aired Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, The Closer, which has been criticised for its transphobic content.

The streamer has faced criticism ever since, which has reignited following the news Chappelle will headline Netflix’s upcoming comedy festival.

On Tuesday (7 December), Bojack Horseman showrunner Bob-Waksberg weighed in on Twitter, writing that he is “mystified” that “Dave Chappelle’s deal is that he says whatever he wants and Netflix just has to air it, unedited”.

He compared it to his own experience, recalling that Netflix previously requested him “to change a joke because they were worried it might upset David Fincher”.

“It’s silly for a network to pretend their hands are tied when it comes to the content they put on their network,” Bob-Waksberg concluded.

He then offered to share the “controversial cut” if 100 people responded to his Tweet with evidence of donations to Trans Lifeline, a grassroots non-profit organisation offering emotional and financial support to transgender people in crisis.

Within six hours of his initial Tweet, 100 people had responded with donations to Trans Lifeline, donating a total of over $2,000.


Bob-Waksberg shared the script and details of the scene which had been cut, which revolves around the character Princess Carolyn, who runs a busy talent agency.

Princess Carolyn is trying to juggle her work demands whilst also being recruited to organise a baby shower, and in the process, she bumps into film director David Fincher and comedy ensues.

Bob-Waksberg concluded his thread by noting that Chappelle “famously walked away from his hit TV show because he was worried he was Making Things Worse”.

Yet, ironically, “it’s remarkable how many of his [Chappelle’s] fans (and collaborators!) believe comedians have no responsibility to not Make Things Worse.”

Bojack Horseman notably included an asexual character: Todd, voiced by Aaron Paul.