JoJo Siwa addresses most frustrating thing people get wrong about her: ‘It’s a lie’

JoJo Siwa has addressed the biggest misconception people have of her.

As a YouTuber, author, influencer, reality TV star and more, JoJo Siwa’s list of accolades is ever-growing. Unfortunately, this has meant that she is no stranger to trolls and online hate.

When asked by what the biggest misconception about her is, she answered: “That I’m fake.” 

“I think a lot of people think that JoJo is a character, and somebody today actually asked me if I was ever gonna put my character to rest,” she said, referring to another interviewer.

I was like … ‘She’s been to rest, because she doesn’t exist.’ But I think that a lot of people think that it’s not true.”

With her life being an explosion of glitter, sequins and bows, JoJo understands where the misconception comes from. The star is well-known for her constant smile, leading to assumptions that it’s fabricated.

“I think all the time people think that it’s just not possible … but it is,” she said.

This year, the rainbows in JoJo Siwa’s world have been more than just on her shiny accessories. 

When asked about her greatest lesson from coming out, she said: “How much I love love … how much I love feeling it, how much I love just like having that version of love in my life.”

After coming out, she was celebrated by activists and allies for setting an example. With a wide-reaching fanbase of both teens and parents via her work with Nickelodeon, her cultural impact is huge. It’s even led to some calling her a ‘gay icon’.

She said this descriptor is “the coolest thing ever”, adding that her own idols are Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga. “I never thought I’d be called [a gay icon]. I mean, I thought I’d be called gay for sure, but I never thought icon would come after. It’s a really big honor.”

Siwa also opened up about her own hesitance around labels, and her continued journey to find herself.

“I’m dating a girl; that can make me a lesbian. I’ve never really been in love with anybody or found attraction to anybody except for Kylie, and so therefore it could be demisexual. I’ve never minded who I would be with, if it would be a girl, a boy, (someone) trans,” she said. “But then I also think, so that could be pansexual … The l-word isn’t my favorite word, but I like the q-word. I like queer; it’s kind of … I am who I am. But I’m not like, ‘Oh my God. No, I’m not this, you know what I mean?”

Siwa spent much of the year in a relationship with Kylie Prew, who she broke up with following this interview.