Sex and the City fans thrilled and ‘haunted’ in equal measure by Miranda’s queer sex scene

Miranda and Che kissing

Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That… just got interesting – for Miranda, at least. Warning – spoilers follow.

Five episodes in, And Just Like That… put its stiletto on the pedal and gave the gays everything they wanted.

No, it didn’t wipe from memory the previous four episodes. And the second film. But it did gift us Miranda giving in to her desires for a steamy fingering session with Che, in Carrie’s brownstone kitchen, no less.

It came after Miranda – sorry, Rambo – reconnected with Che at the hospital where Carrie had undergone hip surgery. Flirting up a storm over lunch, they met again at Carrie’s apartment, where Miranda was supposed to be helping her friend.

Che turned up with a bottle of tequila while Carrie was sleeping, seemingly oblivious to Miranda’s drinking problem, which the writers have been shoving down our throats all season.

Shots ensued, and then a kiss. Which turned into quite a bit more.

With Miranda screaming in pleasure, Carrie was woken from her slumber. And if having to listen in on your best friend shagging wasn’t (relatably) awkward enough, she was unable to get up to go to the bathroom, and ended up covered in her own pee.

Once Che had left, Carrie confronted Miranda, who admitted that she wasn’t happy in her marriage to Steve, and had never felt the way she did with Che.

Sex and the City fans, to put it lightly, had thoughts.

Miranda’s queer awakening came (literally) after she admitted she and Steve hadn’t slept together for years in episode three, which also saw her share an intense exchange with Che.

The lawyer-turned-bumbling student has long been an LGBT+ favourite – and not just because she was the only non-awful character in the original series.

Queer fans have long claimed Miranda as their own, even before the actor who plays her, Cynthia Nixon, came out as queer herself.

The Miranda love has been somewhat dampened in recent weeks, as And Just Like That… turned her from straight-talking, unproblematic fave to a woman incapable of talking to Black people without offending.

As well as broaching issues of race, And Just Like That... has also tackled trans and non-binary inclusion.

This week’s episode saw Miranda mess up on Che’s pronouns. She was corrected by Carrie, apologised and rectified her error, and moved on.

Charlotte also learned that her child was no longer going by their birth name, and had requested to be called Rock at school. Teachers also corrected Charlotte when she used she/her pronouns for Rock, telling her Rock now uses they/them.