Internet church roasted for predicting ‘everyone in America will be gay by 2047’

Church roasted for predicting 'everyone in America will be gay by 2047'

“Everyone in America will be gay by 2047,” an internet church declared on Twitter – and naturally, people can’t wait.

The Universal Life Church, a “non-denominational religious organisation” which lets allows people of any faith to become ordained so that they can perform weddings and other ceremonies, joined in with the jokes after it made the surprising claim.

It tweeted after Gallup research revealed that  7.1 per cent of Americans identify as LGBT+ – double the percentage recorded 10 years ago.

The Universal Life Church in California said that “if current trends hold” then everyone in the country will be gay in 25 years time.

The church explained its logic on Twitter: “Gallup says the increase can largely be attributed to younger people, who are coming out in record numbers. Among members of Generation Z – adults aged 18-25 – a staggering 21 per cent now identify as LGBTQ.

“‘The future is female’ has become a popular slogan. At this rate, it will also be gay.”


Although an entirely LGBT+ future would be incredible, the church’s logic was flawed. While America’s recorded LGBT+ population did double over 10 years, Gallup explained that this is down to Gen Z feeling more comfortable in expressing who they are.

It said: “This is occurring as more of Gen Z is reaching adulthood. These young adults are coming of age, including coming to terms with their sexuality or gender identity, at a time when Americans increasingly accept gays, lesbians and transgender people, and LGBT+ individuals enjoy increasing legal protection against discrimination.” Gallup predicts that “the proportion of LGBT+ Americans should exceed 10 per cent in the near future” – but it certainly won’t hit 100 per cent.

Universal Life Church, which offers a guide to same-sex weddings, clarified in a later tweet that it would be “absolutely not mad” about an all-LGBT+ America.

The church added: “Clearly we’re better at ordaining people than we are at statistics!”

“Under my plan we can get it done by 2035”, one person follower joked.

Writer Charlotte Clymer said: “We’re gonna do our best, of course, but we can’t make any promises”.

“Enjoy your final days of heterosexuality. See you at Pride,” read one tweet, while another user joked: “Yo if any stats teachers follow me I have a great example on the dangers of extrapolation for you to show your class.”