Burger King worker ‘uses gay powers’ to shut down toxic customer ‘harassing’ female staff

Side by side shots of a man at a Burger King drive-through and a Burger King sign

A Burger King employee has gone viral for using his “gay powers” to put a rowdy man hitting on his female colleagues in his place.

With great homosexuality comes great responsibility, and nobody knows this more than Matthew Castellon, an aspiring musician who works as a teller at the drive-through.

Castellon was presented with his ultimate test in homosexual powers yet when a creepy guy hit on his female colleagues with cheesy pick-up lines.

The customer had reportedly been harassing his co-workers for some time, so Castellon decided to shut him down in the best way possible.

Captured all in a TikTok video which has tallied more than 32,000 likes, Castellon used the man’s own pick-up line against him.

“You know what would look good on you?” Castellon asks the customer through the drive-through window. “Me.”

Castellon then coyly winks at the guy as she slides the window shut, the customer being off-camera at the time.

“Customer comes and harasses my female co-workers often,” he wrote in the video’s caption. “This is the same pick-up line used last week.”

“When an old man harasses your female colleagues, use your gay powers to make him uncomfortable,” he added in the text overlay on the video.


Customer comes and harasses my female co workers often. This is the same pickup line he used last week. #customerservice #fastfoodlife #fastfoodworkers #customersbelike #customers

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Most users were very much ready to endorse Castellon on LinkedIn for winking, calling him an “absolute legend”, a “hero” and saying that he dropped his crown.

“Nah the wink pulled it all together,” one user commented.

Another added: “Your lil giggle at the end though sold it.”

Most folks though were desperate to see the man’s reaction. “I gotta know his reaction,” a user said, “did he get mad or say anything after?”

“What made me want to confront him in that manner was that he used the same pickup line on one of the female managers a week prior,” Castellon told the Daily Dot.

Castellon said the customer was “stunned” when he hit on him… but actually hit on him back in response.

“Some things need to be done,” he added on whether he was worried that he’d get into trouble with management for pulling the stunt. His colleagues, though, were “excited” that he did what he did.

“I also don’t think of how much trouble I can get into,” he joked.