Drag Race’s Trinity the Tuck comes out as trans non-binary and shares gender ‘journey’

Drag Race All Stars winner Trinity the Tuck came out as trans non-binary in a raw, emotional social media post.

The drag queen, who first competed on season nine before jointly winning All Stars 4, opened up about their gender identity on Trans Day of Visibility (31 March).

Trinity explained: “Years ago after starting drag I seriously questioned how I identified with my gender. 

“That’s why I altered my body starting at the age of 21 to look more feminine and also started hormone therapy for a short period.”

She explained that she stopped hormones “because I personally don’t know that I would be comfortable living as female with the way I’d physically look”.

“Everyone has their own journey I suppose,” the Drag Race star added. 

“I’ve spoke with many of my friends who are trans to get their thoughts and insight over the years.

“I still don’t know where my journey will take me but I am trans-NB. I wanted to share my feelings in hopes that others who felt like me would know they aren’t alone. Sending out love! I hope it finds you.”

“This isn’t something I just learned.” she added on Twitter. “This isn’t new for me. I’ve felt this way for years. This is just the first time I’ve publicly talked about it.”

Trinity later followed up with a second statement on Twitter, explaining that she is “going to explore certain physical transitional options and see how I feel.”

They added that they would “see how I feel and will decide how far physically I want to go”, but asked fans to respect their privacy.


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“I’m the same me,” Trinity added. “Pronouns are she/they but girl I’ve been called worse.”

The announcement garnered support from fans, friends and fellow Drag Race queens alike.

Letting Trinity know how loved they are was a common theme – Nina West kept it short and sweet with a simple: “Love you.”

Similarly, Morgan McMichaels responded with “LOVE YOU” in all capitals, followed by a string of bright red heart emojis.

Jinkx Monsoon responded with “Heard, honey. Heard,” followed by hearts and applause emojis.

Trinity won season four of Drag Race All Stars, tying with Monét X Change.

Recently, Drag Race UK vs The World winner Blu Hydrangea opened up about their own gender journey.

In the US, season 14 of the reality show has welcomed at least five trans queens, a number of who came out on the show.