Lady Gaga hit on head by doll while performing on stage: ‘How do some fans think this is OK?’

Lady Gaga hit in the head (L) and Dr Simi plushie (R)

Lady Gaga was hit on the head by a flying teddy bear during a Chromatica Ball show – but brushed it off like a true pro.

A video of the incident shared on social media shows the singer belting out “Hold My Hand” when the object whacks her on the head, causing her to flinch.
It took place on Saturday (6 August) at the Rogers Centre in in Toronto, Canada.

Some fans saw the funny side of the flying bear incident, while others were angry at concert goers disrespecting the US singer.
“CONFIRMED: Gaga has an invisible force field that protects her from dangerous objects as shown in the video,” one Twitter user joked.


One person described how throwing stuffed toys was something pop fans from Mexico do at concerts.

It’s a recent Mexican tradition to throw a Dr Simi plushie at the stage as a gift, I’m pretty sure they weren’t aiming at her face, sorry Gaga, they were trying to show some love.”

But that reasoning didn’t fly with other fans:: “Yes, let’s show Gaga we love her by throwing something at her head while she’s singing an emotional song and surrounded by fire,” another wrote.

Who is Dr Simi and why is it being thrown at Gaga?

The tradition to fling the elderly stuffed doctor, Dr Simi, started over a year ago and has been a consistent feature for Mexican fans to show their affection to artists and encourage them to come to Mexico.

Another fan posted a two-minute TikTok showing all the artists who have previously accepted the Dr Simi plushie including Aurora, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Mac DeMarco and Coldplay.

The incident has caused controversy among Gaga fans as some have said: “Don’t comment if you don’t know the Mexican traditions,” saying the hitting was accidental.

Whereas others have reiterated that they have “missed the point here. the problem was HOW the gift was thrown almost hitting her.”

Whether tradition or not, one thing is for certain, Gaga must be protected at all costs.