Netflix cancels LGBTQ+ spy series Q-Force after only one season

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Queer adult animated series Q-Force will not be returning to Netflix, having been axed after just one season.

Variety confirmed Q-Force had been officially cancelled on Monday (8 August), after star Matt Rogers first let the news slip on the Attitudes! podcast in May.

The show followed the misadventures of a group of undervalued LGBTQ+ spies, with a cast that also included Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, Patti Harrison, Gary Cole and Stranger Things’ David Harbour.

Rogers noted that while the show didn’t receive great reviews, he was grateful for the cult following it amassed.

“The people that loved it really loved it, and the good news is that it will always be on Netflix,” Rogers said.

When the show initially premiered, Rogers told AV Club that he knew it wouldn’t “please everyone”.

“I think that, as a queer creator, as the projects that I am involved with become more high profile, I’m realizing that you’re never going to please everyone with queer comedy, queer art, because people are looking for different things,” he said.

“Not everyone is looking to just turn their brain off and laugh.

“A lot of people really crave representation, and they’re not all craving the same representation. And I also think sometimes it’s easier to be critical of something, or negative about something, because that’s the place where we’ve had to live, right?”

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Q Force follows a trend of cancelled LGBTQ+ shows. (Netflix)

The 10-episode series followed Steve Maryweather (Hayes), also known as Agent Mary, the former Golden Boy of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA) – until he came out as gay.

Confirmation of Q-Force being cancelled comes shortly after it was announced Netflix would not renew the lesbian-led vampire show First Kill.

It’s part of a larger trend of LGBTQ-focussed shows being cut short – especially female-led ones.

Amazon Prime recently came under fire for cancelling The Wilds, which was praised for its portrayal of a lesbian relationship.