Fargo’s Ethan Coen announces lesbian road trip comedy as first solo film and it sounds… interesting

Ethan Coen to direct lesbian road trip comedy

Ethan Coen is set to direct a lesbian road-trip comedy featuring Maid star Margaret Qualley.

The film will be one of Ethan Coen’s first solo directing ventures after a career spent collaborating with his brother Joel on films such as Fargo and No Country For Old Men.

It will star Qualley opposite Bad Education actor Geraldine Viswanathan.

According to Associated Press (AP), Coen wrote the comedy, previously known by the name “Drive-Away Dykes”, with his wife – editor Tricia Cooke – 15 years ago.

A synopsis for the film states: “The story is centred on a party girl who takes a trip from Philadelphia to Miami with her buttoned-down friend.

“Cruising bars ensues as does the potpourri of a severed head in a hatbox, a bitter ex-girlfriend, a mystery briefcase and an evil senator.”

‘Lets see if someone wants to make this movie’

In an interview with both Cooke and Coen for AP, Cooke spoke about making the film 15 years after it was written.

“Joel and Ethan, we had written a few of these things, and they were always like, ‘We’ll put them in a drawer. The kids will find them one day.’

“Now we’re here like, ‘OK, let’s do that. Let’s open up that drawer and see if someone wants to make this movie’.”

While Coen is working solo for now, he hasn’t ruled out a reunion with brother Joel in the future.

“Going our own separate ways sounds like it suggests it might be final. But none of this stuff happened definitively. None of the decisions are definitive,” he told AP.

“We might make another movie. I don’t know what my next movie is going to be after this.

“The pandemic happened. I turned into a big baby and got bored and quit, and then the pandemic happened. Then other stuff happens and who knows?”

Ethan Coen’s as-yet-unnamed lesbian comedy will reportedly begin filming in autumn.