Drag Race UK cut ‘camp’ werk room drama, Pixie Polite reveals

Pixie Polite from Drag Race UK. (World of Wonder_BBC_Guy Levy)

Drag Race UK’s Pixie Polite on making it to the final five of season four, werkroom tension – and the argument that was cut for time.

This week on Drag Race UK, the top five were challenged with roasting their opponents, eliminated contestants and the judges in the politically themed “General Erection” roast challenge.

Before the queens got into it, there was drama over the running order, as decided by Jonbers Blonde and Black Peppa, with Cheddar Gorgeous particularly vexed that her request to go early was ignored.

“Here’s the tea about the roast running order: It really doesn’t matter where you are. Because if you’re naff, you’re naff regardless… there’s nowhere to hide at this point,” Pixie Polite told PinkNews and other outlets.

Pixie said the row went on for longer than viewers saw, saying that Cheddar was “very pressed about it. And it was very awkward. And it did go on for quite a while.”

She added: “The disagreement continued, even after that conversation. We were all in our workstations putting on our outfits and starting to get ready – and then they talked about it again, the three of them! And me and Danny were hidden behind one of the rails like peeking through. You’ve got to be camp – it’s television.”

Drag Queen Pixie Polite standing behind a pink podium

Drag Race UK’s Pixie Polite sashayed away following a roast challenge (BBC)

Pixie maintained that there was no shade intended: “We were getting right to the end – and everyone wants to get there. I don’t think it’s shady to put yourself in the best position. It doesn’t mean you’re throwing anyone else under the bus, it just means that you’ve moved yourself out of the way of bus.”

Reflecting on the season as a whole – and fan reaction online – Pixie was pretty pleased with how the fourth season of Drag Race UK has played out, having smashed the “Brighton Curse” which has seen queens from the city eliminated in week one twice.

“Anubis in the past and Joe Black and were sent home first and the Brighton Curse was born  – but call me Indiana Jones, call me Lara Croft – I’ve absolutely smashed it. And I’ve reversed the curse – instead of going home first, I made it all the way to the end. I’m very proud of representing Brighton.

Continuing, she spoke of the fan reaction – both the positive and the negative/

“I’m feeling very very happy and positive. I really enjoyed the episode, I’ve had lots of love on social media, I’ve had a great fan reactions – lots of people saying ‘Pixie was robbed’, which I kind of agree with… I’m pleased with my elimination, I enjoyed the roast, I enjoyed the lip-sync, and I enjoyed watching myself sashay away.”

“I think it’s very important to take something negative and reclaim it in a positive way – because the people who love you will think it’s sickening that you’ve ‘trolled the trolls’ and the people who hate you will still be mad anyway – so who actually cares? As a community we’re very overly critical of each other sometimes.”

Drag Queen Pixie Polite posing on a runway

Drag Race UK’s Pixie Polite on the runway before lipsyncing (BBC)

She also briefly touched on some werk room tension with Jonbers Blonde following the makeover challenge and her friendship with frontrunner Danny Beard.

After Dakota Schiffer controversially sashayed away, Pixie said that she thought Jonbers should have been in the bottom instead.

“I don’t particularly think I said anything out of line… I was kind of trying to give her a chance, in her own words, to talk about her look and explain her point of view,” Pixie said.

“And unfortunately, Jonbers has an Irish whiskey fire that sometimes erupts. But I can understand her point of view – I did bring it up quite a lot, so I can’t blame her for being a bit annoyed – maybe I shouldn’t have said it for the third time.”

After her elimination, Pixie has released her new single, “Give It To Ya“, which is – say it with me – available now on iTunes.

Next week, the final four of Drag Race UK – Jonbers Blonde, Black Peppa, Cheddar Gorgeous and Danny Beard – battle it out for the crown, with Graham Norton, Alan Carr and Michelle Visage judging.

The finale airs at 9pm Wednesday (23 November) on BBC Three.