Beyoncé and Britney Spears ‘shelve plans for new collaboration’ and fans are in deep, deep mourning

An image shows singer dressed in an elaborate black and white outfit as she sings into a microphone with Britney Spears positioned next to the wearing a burlesque-style outfit. (Getty)

Britney Spears and Beyoncé stans are devastated after reports that a potential collaboration between the two music legends has fallen through.

According to PageSix, Britney Spears was asked to appear in the highly-anticipated visuals for Beyoncé’s acclaimed album Renaissance.

The two have joined forces before, in a 2004 Pepsi commercial where they sang hit Queen song “We Will Rock You”.

Tragically, it appears will not be getting a repeat of that iconic moment. PageSix reported that the collaboration fell through, but did not explain why, and music fans everywhere are trying to process the cameo that never was.

“The Britney/Beyoncé news has haunted me all day. How am I supposed to go to sleep tonight. I don’t take things seriously but all I feel is grief. I feel like a piece of my spirit has died. I don’t know how I’m supposed to continue living with purpose in my life. This is hell,” one person aptly reflected.

Another added: “The Britney and Beyoncé collab could’ve been a big big moment for everyone and now I will be upset for the rest of the day.”

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Others are pointing out that the plan falling through could crack the case for why the album’s accompanying music videos are taking so long.

Renaissance came out at the end of July and almost six months on, fans are still eagerly awaiting just a morsel of news on the visuals.

Others have rightfully acknowledged that maybe the world just wasn’t ready for the ultimate duo to join forces.

“Britney knew seeing both her and Beyoncé in the same scene would cause the world to combust so really she saved our lives… humble queen!!!” one person noted.

The collab that never was would have come as Britney Spears slowly re-enters the music world post-conservatorship.

Britney released her first song as a free woman in the summer of 2022 – her collaboration with Elton John, “Hold Me Closer”.

Elton spoke candidly about supporting Britney’s creative freedom through the project.

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