That ’90s Show’s teen star Reyn Doi steals the show as gay character Ozzie

Actor Reyn Doi on a red carpet (left) and as That '90s Show's gay teen character Ozzie)

That ‘90s Show is currently streaming on Netflix, and while fans are enjoying the show as a whole, the queer community is particularly infatuated with Ozzie.

The spin-off sitcom, which is the successor to early noughties TV comedy That ‘70s Show, follows Leia (Callie Haverda), Gwen (Ashley Aufderheide) and other friends as they hang out in Leia’s grandparent’s basement over summer.

Ozzie (Reyn Doi) is one of the standout members of the friend group. Here is everything you need to know about the character and actor Reyn Doi, who plays him.

Who is Ozzie on That 90s Show?

Ozzie is one of the main cast members on That ‘90s Show. According to the show creator Netflix, Ozzie is the “insightful”, “snarky” and “sarcastic” friend in Leia and Gwen’s group.

While Ozzie is out as gay among his friends, he hasn’t told anyone else. When the series begins he’s planning on coming out to more people, but is worried about whether the rest of the world will be as accepting as his friends are.

Ozzie tells his friend that he has a boyfriend, Etienne, living in Canada, though his friends don’t believe him — even though he is real.

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Who is Reyn Doi, the actor who plays Ozzie?

Ozzie is played by 14-year-old Japanese-American actor Reyn Doi.

Reyn Doi has already been in 15 other TV series and films, which is pretty impressive considering his young age. Alongside That ‘90s Show, Doi’s TV credits include Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle and Drama Club, CBS’s S.W.A.T and Showtime’s Kidding with Jim Carrey.

Doi is also known for his appearances in films The Boss Baby 2: Family Business and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar alongside Kristen Wiig.

Reyn Doi in a screenshot for Kristen Wiig's film Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar
Reyn Doi stars alongside Kristen Wiig in Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar. (Lionsgate Movies)

Doi grew up living in Honolulu, Hawaii, but currently lives in Los Angeles. As well as being an actor, Doi is a dancer — he has been dancing for nearly ten years.

He’s a big fan of reality TV, particularly Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives franchise.

Doi is on Instagram under the username @reyndoi. He is also on Twitter.

How did Ozzie come out on That 90s Show?

In episode five of That ‘90s Show, Ozzie comes out to his friend Leia’s grandma, Kitty, played by original That ‘70s Show cast member Debra Jo Rupp.

Kitty is the beloved matriarch of the series, and viewers see her and Ozzie’s bond grow throughout episode five.

Ozzie’s friends know that he is gay, but no one else around him does. He wants to change that, and decides to fulfil “step seven” in his “16-step coming out plan” by telling Kitty that he is gay.

The episode sees Ozzie teaching Kitty how to use her new computer, but little does she know that he has emailed her his coming out letter.

When Kitty tries to open up her emails, she ends up restarting her computer.

Fed up of waiting for Kitty to find out, Ozzie tells her: “I’m gay. I’ve known for a while now. I wanted you to know. I even have a boyfriend, Etienne, who lives in Canada.”

In a hilarious, heart-warming exchange, Kitty says that “doesn’t know how to feel” about what Ozzie has told her, because one of her friends was with a Canadian who ended up stealing her car.

Ozzie and Kitty then hug it out, as she assures him that she is absolutely fine with being gay.

“You just made me feel really special,” she says.

Ozzie’s coming out scene has received an outpouring of love and emotion on social media, with fans saying that they are “crying” at the touching moment and Kitty’s response.

That ‘90s Show is available to watch on Netflix now.