So-called comedian Roseanne Barr makes comeback with cringe pronoun joke and the internet is roasting her

Roseanne barr wearing a patterned top and grey cardigan holding a black and blue microphone.

Actress and alleged stand-up comic Roseanne Barr is back, making her return to the stage with a tired pronoun joke and rant about “what is a woman”.

Barr, 70, stepped out of the limelight in 2018 when her ABC sitcom Roseanne was cancelled following accusations of racism.

In a tweet, Trump-supporter Barr said that Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is Black, looked like the “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby”.

Barr botched an apology at the time, saying she “thought the b***h was white”.

Now, in an attempt to revive her career and take on so-called cancel culture, Barr is returning with a comedy special on Fox Nation, entitled Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!

In a snippet released ahead of the airing tonight (13 February), Barr takes aim at trans and gender-non-conforming people with a number of boring quips about gender identity.

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“What is my gender? Your gender is ‘get a job’, that’s your gender’,” Barr begins in the clip, posted on Twitter.

“What are they thinking? What is a woman – they don’t know that? I’ll tell you what a woman is. A woman is me. That’s what a woman is. A woman is somebody who cleans up everybody else’s s**t, that’s what a woman is.

“A woman is somebody whose boobs hang down to her knees with a prolapsed uterus from giving birth to five ungrateful little privileged b*****ds that have never had to work for anything in their whole damn lives.”

Moving on to pronouns, Barr continues: “My pronouns are: kiss my a**.”

While those in the room during the set somehow managed to muster a reaction (a cheer, rather than a laugh, it should be noted), the internet is asking: “Where are the jokes?”

Max Collins, from band Eve 6, suggested that Barr was “reading Facebook memes for geriatrics off a teleprompter”.

He said: “She’s not even making jokes lol, no set-up, no turn, no punchline, just an angry old white woman screaming nonsense into a microphone.”

Another person said: “Pathetic stuff truly.”

Meanwhile, queer influencer Matt Bernstein wrote: “Abandoning your career in comedy to make regurgitated pronoun jokes for senile white Republicans is so pathetic.”

Speaking of how cancel culture supposedly ruined her career, Barr used her TV special on one of the biggest networks in the US to stress that she “won’t let the a*****es win”.

She told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that she was “just totally cancelled from even commenting on what happened,” and wanted to use stand-up comedy “to tell the truth about it and also talk about cancel culture itself and how horrible it is”.

While away from the spotlight, Barr used her time to push bizarre right-wing conspiracy theories.