Everything Everywhere All at Once props to be auctioned for trans charity. Yes, including Raccacoonie

Screenshots of Deidre and Jobu (Joy) from Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once fans, rejoice: you could soon enter your own Alphaverse by owning some of the critically acclaimed film’s most iconic memorabilia.

Production company A24 is auctioning off dozens of costumes and props to support charities, including the Transgender Law Center, Laundry Workers Center and Asian Mental Health Project.

Thirteen of the dark comedy’s most memorable outfits will be put up for grabs in aid of the trans support charity, including Jobu’s (Stephanie Hsu) Elvis outfit, Bagel Universe look, blue fur wrestling coat and pink knitted golf vest.

Those who’ve dreamt of possessing some of the chaos exuded by Michelle Yeoh’s character, Evelyn, will be able to put in bids for several of the kung fu uniforms she donned.

Bids open tomorrow (23 February) at 5pm UK time and will close on 2 March.

The Transgender Law Center is a US-based, trans-led organisation that helps trans people to thrive and fight for liberation.

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Other Everything Everywhere All at Once props, including the hot dog fingers, the outfit and wig worn by Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, Deidre, and Raccacoonie himself, will auctioned off for other causes.

It doesn’t sound like there’s going to be much left of the film’s set at this rate.

Fans of the absurdist dark film are unsurprisingly desperate to get their hands on the mementos.

“Can anyone loan me 10 trillion for Raccacoonie please please please please please please please please PLEASE,” demanded one person.

Another said: “Omg, this is so amazing. If I was rich, Jobu’s Elvis costume and Waymond’s fanny pack would be mine.”

A third fan, referring to Kim Kardashian purchasing Princess Diana’s necklace, said: “Because of these A24 auctions, 20 years from now we’ll see headlines like ‘Kim Kardashian has purchased Evelyn Wang’s iconic ‘Punk’ cardigan for $6.5 million.”

Everything Everywhere All at Once has garnered a monstrous fan base since its cinema release last year, forcing its way into almost every nomination list at every 2023 awards ceremony.

It’s currently nominated for 11 Oscars, and has already won two Golden Globes and five Critics Choice Awards.

The film was also nominated for 10 BAFTA film awards, but caused controversy when it won only one.