Jinkx Monsoon’s heartfelt message to the LGBTQ+ community: ‘Sometimes you have to move’

Jinkx Monsoon

In a sit down interview, drag legend Jinkx Monsoon discussed the recent explosion of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the US and sent a message to the queer community across the country.

Jinkx Monsoon shot to fame after winning the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. A talented queen with her heart in theatre, Jinkx quickly became a fan favourite and has lent her voice to the LGBTQ+ community when needed.

The queen of all queens hasn’t remained quiet after growing anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced by Republicans have plagued North America.

Appearing on ABC News, Jinkx Monsoon reaffirmed her objections to the draconian bills recently passed in Tennessee that ban drag performers in public places, in the midst of rising anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments across America.

Monsoon’s words come in the wake of recent words issued by her longtime partner-in-drag-crime, BenDeLaCreme, and RuPaul himself, who urged supporters to “get these stunt queens out of office”.

In a recent interview with 11th Hour, the drag legend went on to give some brilliant advice to LGBTQ+ Americans who might be worried about legislation that opposes various LGBTQ+ rights and professions.

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“My message is always find your community. Sometimes that means having to move, which sucks. We should be safe wherever we live,” she said.

“There are places where it’s safe to be queer or a drag queen or trans at any age and there are places which are not. Keep yourself safe, self-preservation should be up there on your priority list because we need you here, we need you with us to keep fighting for our freedoms and equalities.”

“Do what it takes to keep yourself safe and find your community so you can live your life truthfully and unapologetically.”

Jinkx was quick to respond after Tennessee introduced a bill tha bans drag performers from performing their shows in front of children. In a Twitter post, Monsoon said: “Ours is a revolution of love, empathy, and truth – you can’t ban those things.

“We will fight this battle the way our predecessors did: with grace, compassion, and throwing a brick if we have to.”