Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has begun and fans have many thoughts on the setlist: ‘This is literally crazy’

Taylor Swift in a dark pink gown singing with her guitar on the Eras Tour.

The day has dawned, and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has finally arrived. The Eras Tour setlist is a three-hour long affair, complete with a jaw-dropping 44 songs from across all 10 of her eras.

All the big hits are present, from “Love Story” to “Anti-Hero”, a lot of fan favourite deep cuts like “august” and “Mastermind”, and finally some recognition for her second 2020 surprise album, Evermore.

But as is inevitable, there are a lot of fan thoughts and theories flying around about the songs she did and didn’t perform. Everyone is happy about how many songs she crammed into the show, but some are wishing their favourites made the final cut.

Here are the highs and lows of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour setlist. 

Finally, some justice for Evermore

It’s a long-running joke among the Swiftie fandom that Taylor despises Evermore, considering she’s barely acknowledged it since its release.

During the opening night, that changed, as she performed five tracks from the album, including “champagne problems” and “tolerate it”.

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She even acknowledged the rumour she hates it live on stage.

Most fans are overjoyed that Evermore finally got some love, considering many expected no songs from the album to be performed at all.

“Mother finally shows her best daughter some respect,” shared one excited fan, while another exclaimed: “Evermore finally got its recognition!”

“Taylor Swift performing ‘‘tis the damn season’ is the pinnacle of Evermore rights,” declared a third.

Very little justice for Speak Now

Speak Now is a certified Swiftie favourite, so fans were expecting a least a few songs: “Mean”, or “Mine” or “Dear John” perhaps. Sadly, Taylor only performed one: “Enchanted.”

It seems like the main point of contention for Swifties following the opening night, with many questioning why the album was given so little attention.

“No ‘Long Live’, no ‘Sparks Fly’, no ‘Haunted’ … Taylor Swift, what did they do to you?,” questioned one Swiftie.

Another cried: “Ms Taylor Swift I love u so much and am so proud that you did 44 songs in three hours. But why did Speak Now only get one song?! My 11-year-old heart is broken.”

Others are wondering whether the fact that she hasn’t made a ‘Taylor’s version’ of the album yet might have something to do with it.

“I wonder if there’s some legal thing going on with Speak Now or something that we don’t know about?,” one fan pondered.

It’s a similar story for her self-titled debut

Her 2006 debut, Taylor Swift, only got one song on the Eras Tour setlist, too: her first ever single, “Tim McGraw”.

Some are hoping that the setlist might get changed up in future, so we get to hear “Our Song” or “Picture to Burn” at least once.

Others are grateful that, if she was going to pick just one song from the album, at least she picked “Tim McGraw”.

There’s a lot of love for Folklore

Taylor performed an impressive eight song from her magnum opus, Folklore, including fan favourite “Betty” and a surprise acoustic version of “Mirrorball”.

Fans are, frankly, losing their minds. 

“Eight songs from Folklore, I have never won so hard,” wrote one thrilled fan, while another said: “The Folklore girlie in me is CRYING.”

Lots of love, and a few requests, for the Midnights section

Few were expecting Ms Taylor Alison Swift to perform “Vigilante S**t” on the opening night, so when she did so, and did so while riding a chair, it’s fair to say that fans felt they won.

There’s also a lot of love for Taylor selecting “Karma”, one of Midnights best songs, as the closing track.

If there’s anything that fans would love to see added to the Midnights section, though, it’s “Maroon”.

The fan favourite is surprisingly absent from the setlist. Here’s hoping it becomes one of the nightly ‘surprise’ tracks she’ll perform acoustically. 

Overall, though? Big slay

44 songs. Three hours. Ten albums. Taylor has truly outdone herself. She is the music industry!

For the most part, fans who were there and fans watching online are incredibly happy with how the setlist has shaped up. With a back catalogue as strong as Ms Swift’s, she was never going to be able to include every single fan favourite, but she’s given it a good shot.

The Eras Tour continues in North America until August.

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