You can actually buy a t-shirt of that Pride Month ‘Demon’ meme

The Pride Month 'Demon' meme was designed by a queer, non-binary artist.

A meme posted by bigots calling LGBTQ+ people “demons” has gone viral, but queer people are all asking the same thing – can we get it on a t-shirt?

The artwork features the word “Pride Month” which slowly fades away to leave the word “Demon” in rainbow colours.

Despite their aim to be offensive, the majority of LGBTQ+ people on Twitter have been reclaiming and embracing it.

One user said: “The homophobia is real but also I think it would be hilarious to see all the community coin the term “pride month demon” cause that s**t is ridiculous.”

Another viral tweet mocked conservatives who are saying “haha we owned them”, because queer people have seen the design and responded “can I get this on a shirt?”.

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Well, it turns out you can, as the original artwork used in the post was actually created by a queer, trans artist named Veya.

Their artist profile says they “have a passion for human rights, the LGBTQIA+ community and all things snarky”.

The t-shirt design is available from their Redbubble store, which you can currently shop on the website.

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The Pride Month t-shirt is available featuring a number of different flag designs.

This includes the original Pride flag colours as well as bi, trans, pan, genderqueer and lesbian flag colours.

They also recently responded to fans of the design on Instagram, who asked if they could make an intersex version, so you can rep whichever flag you want on a tee.

Other hilarious responses to the image posted on 26 May include: “my pride month demon starting to awaken as may is ending.”

Another said: “I don’t know a single queer person who doesn’t find this deeply flattering.”

And others simply retweeted it, writing: “correct.”

While Drag Race alumni, Luxx Noir London also joined in, tweeting: “Why do I kinda want this on a crop top.”

To shop the original design by Veya you can head to