Suzy Eddie Izzard confirms name and pronouns ‘going forward’

Suzy Izzard wears a blue coat as she stands outside and poses for photos at the 2023 Olivier awards.

Comedian Suzy Eddie Izzard has confirmed her names and pronouns, revealing she prefers to be referred to as she/her, but also has no issue with people using he/him.

This will come as a devastating blow to anyone who enjoys misgendering trans people on the internet.

In a social media post on Thursday (1 June), the comedian and former Labour candidate also revealed she would rather be called Suzy, which she revealed in March 2023, but also has no problem with people who still refer to her as Eddie.

She will continued to be known as Eddie Izzard in public.

“As people may now well know, I have added the name ‘Suzy’ to my names,” she wrote.

“So going forward I am preferring Suzy but I don’t mind Eddie. And I prefer she/her but I don’t mind he/him.

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“So no one can really get it wrong unless they call me Kenneth or Sabrina.”

Among messages of support to the update, transphobes jumped into her comments to scream about “women’s spaces”.

In May 2023, a photo was shared online of Suzy queuing to use a women’s toilet, surrounded by women who were entirely unbothered by her presence. It was shared to scaremonger and drum up hate towards her – and other trans women – who are legally allowed to use toilets that correspond with their gender under the Equality Act 2010.

Suzy has previously said she prefers to ignore “toxic people” on the internet.

When Suzy first shared her change of name, she stated that she would be known as Suzy Eddie Izzard, so that whatever people chose to call her, “they can’t go wrong”.

She also said that Suzy was a name she had wanted to use since she was 10 years old. 

As well as a long career as a comedian, Suzy has also dipped her toes into the world of politics, running as a Labour candidate in Sheffield Central, but ultimately losing the race to rival Abitsam Mohamed.

She faced transphobia during her run from both sides of the political spectrum.

Tory party chairman Lee Anderson said he would “not follow [her] into the toilets” and Labour MP Rosie Duffield reportedly made comments about Suzy’s gender at a conference for anti-trans campaign group LGB Alliance.

“Is that a serious thing? Is that coming to parliament any time soon?” Duffield asked.

“I hope not because you might as well arrest me now. I’m not calling Eddie Izzard a woman.”