Pearl-clutching bigots beware, Sam Smith has ‘really, really positive’ news 

Sam Smith

Non-binary pop icon Sam Smith has shared some “really, really positive” news for fans after being forced to cancel several shows in recent weeks due to a serious vocal cord injury.

The “Unholy” hitmaker and kryptonite of bigots is not just on the mend – they’re also dropping a hotly-anticipated single in collaboration with the Queen of Pop herself, in mere days.

The Grammy-winning “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” singer, 31, had to postpone a number of dates in the middle of their Gloria tour, including a 24 May show at the AO Arena in Manchester. 

Smith was mid-way through their set when they disappeared offstage, reportedly facing “vocal issues” before going on to cancel upcoming shows in Birmingham and Glasgow on the advice of doctors. 

But disappointed fans have received a lifeline, in the form of an Instagram reel Smith shared on Saturday (3 June), entitled “Dear Sailors”.

Smith said that they are sharing “positive news” after a “week of vocal news”. 

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“Hi everyone, I hope this video finds you well and safe and healthy,” they said. “I just wanted to send you guys a little video to keep you updated on how it’s been going with my voice.

“I’ve just come back from the doctor’s today and it’s actually really, really positive news. It looks like I am going to be good for the rest of the shows, so that’s really amazing news.”

Smith apologised to fans who missed out on dates for Smith’s tour of their fourth studio album, Gloria, saying they were “still and always be so sorry”. 

“These things are completely out of my control and I’m just sorry and I will be doing everything I can to get back to you as soon as we can and when we can,” Smith said.

They then went on to thank fans and explain that the “beautiful messages of love and healing energy” that they had received “meant the world” to them. 

Although some comments on Smith’s reel focussed on the disappointment of missing out on seeing them in concert, many more centred around the importance of the singer-songwriter looking after themselves. 

“Take whatever time you need. Healing is important, you can’t be there for everyone if you’re not there for yourself,” one fan wrote. “Take your time. We love you.”

Another commented: “I’m so glad to hear you’ve been taking vocal rest seriously, and been putting your health first. We all adore you, your music and everything else you have navigated for you and us. Keep being our shining star and beacon of hope but keep your health at the forefront.” 

Smith has also delighted fans in recent days by teaming up with the Queen of Pop for a new single, “Vulgar”, which will drop on 9 June. 

During the Manchester show that Smith was abruptly forced to cancel, they teased the collaboration with Madonna. And on Thursday (1 June), both Smith and Madge dropped social media teasers for the single.

Smith’s cryptic “Vulgar” clip already has fans screaming, with one commenting: “And suddenly just like that I’m on the floor passed out.”

Others shouted “Yasss give us raunchy” and it’s safe to assume that the pair will not disappoint.

The “Like A Prayer” singer and unflinching LGBTQ+ ally posted a black and white image of two corsets to her Instagram, overlaid with the text “S&M” in shocking pink. 

Madonna has been known for her risqué outfits, including corsets, throughout her 50-year career, and Smith has enraged bigots on more than one occasion by wearing raunchy corset-based looks in photoshoots and during their Gloria tour.  

“Vulgar” by Sam Smith and Madonna drops on Friday 9 June.