Remain calm, Dannii Minogue’s I Kissed A Boy is getting a lesbian spinoff: ‘Here come the girls!’

Dannii Minogue set to host I Kissed A Girl.

Following the success of BBC’s LGBTQ+ reality series I Kissed A Boy, pop sensation Dannii Minogue is returning for the gays in an all-new spin-off I Kissed A Girl – and queer women are ready.

Camp icon Dannii Minogue is blazing a trail as BBC’s resident queer Cupid following the undeniable success of BBC Three’s groundbreaking gay dating show I Kissed A Boy, rivalling the chronically heteronormative Love Island for its sunny drama-filled romances.

Despite only airing its finale on Sunday (4 June), the BBC are already gearing up for the highly-anticipated reunion episode and have now given the green light for the sapphic version everyone needs – I Kissed A Girl.

Using the same premise as its predecessor, the 10-episode all-female follow up will see 10 single women jetting off to a European villa looking for love. The women will be matched up with their ideal partner and – before a single word is exchanged – they will seal their relationship with a kiss.

According to the official BBC synopsis, I Kissed A Girl will serve “drama, smash stereotypes and promise more twists and turns than ever”.

Longtime LGBTQ+ ally Minogue, meanwhile, will be back on hosting duties. Hot on the heels of her new single “We Could Be The One“, the “All I Wanna Do” singer said she was “thrilled” to return for a second run.

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“After showing love truly is for everyone with I Kissed A Boy, I am thrilled to have the chance to be Cupid for girls in the second series,” she said in a statement.

“I’m so excited to see if we can find more connections, chemistry and hopefully love sealed with a kiss – here come the girls.”

As the exciting news was announced at the end of the I Kissed A Boy finale, Minogue shared an Instagram video of her reaction.

“You’ve seen the boys, now hear from the girls,” the TV voiceover reads. “If you’re on the hunt for love but sick of swiping, we want to hear from you. Because as queen Dua Lipa said, ‘one kiss is all it takes’.”

Blowing a kiss to the camera, Minogue said: “Yasssss! See you there for series two!”

Naturally, queer fans are losing it at the news of a lesbian spin-off.

“First, I Kissed a Boy now I Kissed a Girl. Could this show get any more iconic?!?” one person wrote.

“This is actually insanely exciting,” another added, “and it’s a great time for queer representation in media!”

The spin-off news comes just days after BBC Three announced a “loud and proud” I Kissed a Boy reunion special. Fans will get the hot tea behind the scandals, find out who is still in love and watch them play “outrageously funny party games”.

LGBTQ+ reality shows are thriving right now, with Netflix also delivering for queer viewers with their hit reality dating series The Ultimatum: Queer Love, which sees five queer female and non-binary couples decide if they are ready to walk down the aisle or throw everything away for another contestant.

I Kissed a Boy: The Reunion drops on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 11 June and airs on BBC Three at 9pm. Applications for I Kissed A Girl close on 7 August 2023.