Dannii Minogue’s I Kissed a Girl coming ‘soon’ as first teaser drops

Dannii Minogue set to host I Kissed A Girl.

Dannii Minogue is back to play cupid in the sapphic spin-off to last year’s I Kissed a Boy – the aptly named, I Kissed a Girl.

It’s been nearly a year since I Kissed a Boy – the UK’s first ever gay dating show – aired on BBC Three, with pop princess Dannii Minogue as host and Cupid-in-chief (and Layton Williams as the show’s voicever).

The series, which aired in May of 2023, saw a whole host of homosexuals try to find love in an Italian masseria, all under the watchful eye of Dannii, and was widely considered to be the long-awaited queer answer to Love Island.

Although at time of reporting, none of the couples that ended last year’s series together are still going – even Dan Glendinning and Ollie King, who were the only pair still together at the show’s reunion – the show was a huge success, and was almost immediately renewed for season two.

The twist? This time, it’s for the girls.

In the first teaser dropped for the sapphic-centric spinoff, it looks like the ladies will be staying in a different masseria than the boys, but the concept is the same.

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“Hi… my name is Cupid and this year I’m aiming more love arrows in Italy,” Minogue wrote on X (FKA Twitter).

“This time for the girls,” she added, before confirming the season was coming soon to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

The teaser also features a sneak peek at the season’s cast in the form of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it aerial shot of the ladies. As of now, no cast has yet been officially confirmed.

It’s reasonable to assume that like it’s male-centred counterpart, the season will start with ten contestants – five couples – and maybe a bombshell, before sprinkling in further girls (and dumping some) as the show progresses.

“Me? Cupid?” Minogue asks in the clip in between swirling a gorgeous lavender dress around. “I’m ready.”

Us too, Dannii. Us too.

I Kissed a Girl is coming soon to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.