5 things we want to see from the ‘loud and proud’ I Kissed a Boy reunion special

5 things we need to see from the I Kissed a Boy reunion special

BBC Three’s I Kissed a Boy broke boundaries as the UK’s first gay dating show. Here’s everything we want to see from the show’s upcoming reunion episode.

The final episode of I Kissed a Boy ended just as fabulously as the show started. After eight sun-soaked episodes of pure queerness and countless glorious appearances from the show’s host and resident Cupid, Dannii Minogue, four couples all committed to each other in the season’s final ceremony.

But, after the announcement of a “loud, proud” reunion episode, once more hosted by Miss Minogue, here are five things we want to see when the instalment hits our screens on Sunday (11 June).

The state of the I Kissed a Boy couples

I’m saying this now: if Gareth and Subomi aren’t still together, then love is dead and I have no reason to watch a single second more of the reunion.

Given that the boys – all 16 of them – filmed the show a while ago (eight months if our Instagram sleuthing is correct), it’s entirely possibly that even the strongest of couples may have called it quits by now.

If Gareth and Subomi have indeed broken up, we’ll be booking a one way ticket to Heartbreak City. But Matty and Ben? Ross and Ceejay? Jake and Kailum? We also need the perpetually horny Dan and Ollie to have weathered the storm, for our sanity.

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We need to know if Gareth and Subomi are still together. (BBC/ Two Four)

Any off-camera pairings to be revealed

Not everyone’s journey in the masseria ended in love. The gorgeous Joseph, hilarious Jake W (“get your willies out” still lives rent-free) and original heartstopper Mikey all departed after being left hanging at a Kiss-Off.

We want to know – given that the boys presumably all had access to their phones following their stint in Italy – whether there are any rogue romances that blossomed away from Layton Williams’s superb voiceover work and Dannii Minogue‘s watchful eye.

Did Bobski get his happy ending with a boy that entered the villa after he left? We simply need to know, Dannii.

Joseph and Ross on I Kissed a Boy. (BBC/ Two Four)

Behind-the-scenes tea

We know that in a masseria full of homosexuals, there was more shade than a parasol shop, more partying than the collective efforts of Mighty Hoopla and probably more heavy petting than a city farm on half-term.

A fun little behind-the-scenes montage never goes amiss, and there are certain questions that simply must be answered. Did that shower moment really just stop there, because the show was on the BBC?

Please see also: literally any more content of Gareth and Ben’s friendship, Ollie in a jockstrap, Subomi being mother, Matty being adorable, et cetera, et cetera. And any fights that didn’t make it to air.

Let. Us. See. It. (Please). More gayness.

Ollie on I Kissed a Boy. (BBC/ Two Four)

An apology for the Ben and Vitor situation

One of the season’s biggest dramas was undoubtedly when the villa became divided over Vitor’s pairing with Ben. The self-proclaimed sexually forward Vitor became unhappy when Ben asked to take it slow, and the couple drifted further apart after Ben (rightly) pointed out that those were his boundaries to set and be respected.

The situation came to a head when Ross took it upon himself to call Ben out over a dinner party, leaving the masseria shook and Gareth “disgusted”.

The otherwise delicious cocktail of I Kissed a Boy took on a slightly sour taste over the whole debacle. Make no mistake: this wasn’t fun drama – it felt like quite a serious conversation happening about consent and boundaries that was being disregarded by certain members of the party as an argument that should be compromised on.

That’s not to say a dash of sweetener can’t be added, of course. If, at the reunion, the offending parties are shown to have learned from their actions and apologise, then you can’t say fairer than that.

Dannii Minogue hosted I Kissed a Boy. (@DanniiMinogue/ Twitter)

A sneak peek of I Kissed a Girl

Ok, we know this one is a healthy dose of delusion crossed with a splash of wishful thinking, given that the sapphic spinoff I Kissed a Girl hasn’t even started filmed yet. But when you consider that Dannii Minogue rests somewhere between RuPaul and the Fairy Godmother from Shrek in terms of magic powers, we’re sure that something can be arranged.

The follow-up series was announced just a day after I Kissed a Boy‘s finale, and casting is now officially open, with the series aiming to begin shooting in September. But any crumb of information would be gladly received.

Is it the same format? Is there an opportunity for more episodes? What on earth are they going to call the Man Cave?

According to the official BBC synopsis, I Kissed A Girl will serve “drama, smash stereotypes and promise more twists and turns than ever” – and boy, oh boy (girl, oh girl) we can’t wait. Let’s go lesbians, let’s go!

Dannii Minogue set to host I Kissed A Girl.
Pop sensation Dannii Minogue returns for an all-new I Kissed A Boy reality dating series spin-off I Kissed A Girl. (BBC)

All episodes of I Kissed a Boy can be streamed on BBC iPlayer now. 

I Kissed a Boy: The Reunion drops on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 11 June.