Margot Robbie had the best reaction to a fan’s Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirt

Margot Robbie had the best reaction to a fan's Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirt.

Margot Robbie had the best reaction to a fan’s Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirt on the pink carpet.

During a fan event in Sydney, Robbie and other stars took to the carpet to chat to reporters and meet fans about the much-anticipated release.

One fan on Twitter, @mjcooke, posted a short but sweet video of their interaction with the Oscar-nominated star of the film.

In the clip they ask Robbie to sign their Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirt.

The actor, who uses a pink sharpie to sign the tee, says: “Ok I have to sign it on this side and I hope you meet Cillian Murphy and he can sign the other side.”

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She pens her signature on the top, which features a graphic of Robbie as Barbie in a cowboy hat mashed alongside Murphy in Oppenheimer, also wearing a hat.

The shirt has been designed by the Twitter user, who said: “barbie x oppenheimer is margot robbie approved!”

They created the graphic themselves and fans can get their hands on the Robbie-approved t-shirt from Teepublic.

It’s one of many Barbie x Oppenheimer t-shirts that fans have created to show support for both films, as they have the same release day on 21 July.

This has led to a fun rivalry between the two films, with plenty of hilarious memes comparing Barbie and Oppenheimer fans as well as how to “correctly” watch both films.

Meanwhile a number of brands have jumped on the Barbie movie hype, as they’ve teamed up with Mattel to release collaborations.

From the expected makeup by NYX Cosmetics to pink pumps from ALDO to the more obscure, including pool floats from Funboy to Barbie dreamhouse-ready rugs from Ruggable.

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