Marjorie Taylor Greene booted from House Freedom caucus after public Lauren Boebert clash

Marjorie Taylor Green speaking at an event.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has been removed from the US House Freedom caucus over her conduct, including reportedly calling fellow politician Lauren Boebert a “little b***h”.

On Thursday (6 July), the House Freedom caucus – a hard-line conservative group – confirmed Greene had been booted out. 

According to Politico, Republican Maryland representative Andy Harris said: “A vote was taken to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the… caucus for some of the things she’s done.”

He added that removing Greene was “an appropriate action”. 

The decision followed a tense exchange between Greene and Colorado representative and fellow Republican Boebert on the House floor. 

Referring to the incident, which occurred last month, Harris said: “The way she referred to a fellow member was probably not the way we expect our members to refer to other fellow, especially female, members.”

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In a video of the incident posted on Twitter, the presiding officer can be heard saying: “Take your conversations to the back, off the floor.” 

Harris said the decision to oust Greene from the group also followed her support for the bipartisan debt ceiling bill , which was passed in June. 

But he added: “I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was publically saying things about another member in terms that no one should.”

Greene is the first person to be officially expelled from the House Freedom caucus. Former Michigan representative and founding member, Justin Amash, chose to quit the group in 2019 after he become the only Republican to call for then-president Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Amash told a CNN reporter at the time that all in the group were his close friends, but he didn’t “want to be a further distraction”. 

Throughout her political career, Greene has proved to be a controversial figure. 

In 2021, when Democrats controlled the House, she was stripped of her committee assignments for inflammatory remarks, including supporting violence against political opponents, for which she later apologised. 

In March, the right-wing conservative, well-known for her controversial views on the LGBTQ+ community, COVID-19, gun legislation and continued vocal backing of Trump, sold t-shirts making fun of mpox – formerly known as monkeypox – despite the fact people had died of the disease. 

In that same month, she made comments that a lesbian stepmum is not a “real” mother.

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