Drag Race Holland winner Envy Peru violently assaulted on Amsterdam bus: ‘I can’t be silent’

Drag race Holland winner Envy Peru was assaulted in Amsterdam.

Fellow drag queens have rallied around Drag Race Holland winner Envy Peru after she told police she was assaulted by four men in Amsterdam.

Netherlands-based Peruvian drag queen Peru, known off-stage as Boris Itzkovich Escobar, rose to fame after winning the first season of Drag Race Holland, in 2020.

Now the head judge in drag competition franchise Make Up Your Mind, says she has become the latest victim in the rising number of attacks against drag queens across the US and Europe.

In June, Drag Race UK star The Vivienne reported being punched in a branch of McDonald’s. A suspect was arrested and detained.

In March, two Bournemouth drag queens were left shaken after an assault by a group of boys, while in the US – as anti-drag legislation is rolled out across a number of states – a bakery in Chicago was left vandalised for simply hosting a drag show.

A GLAAD report last year confirmed there has been a surge in anti-drag attacks.

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As drag queens, celebrities and LGBTQ+ allies decry the increasing anti-drag hate, Peru took to Instagram on Tuesday 11 July to reveal her own experience.

“I was attacked in broad daylight by four young men while on the bus in Amsterdam,” she wrote. “They threatened me with a weapon while making offensive slurs towards me and filming it. Even when I tried moving away, they continued and kept trying to hit me.

“As I tried to get away, what shocked me the most was that only one sweet lady stood up for me – in a bus full of people.

“When the bus finally got to my stop, I sensed the boys following me, then one of them ran towards me and kicked me to the floor. Four women stood up for me and scared the boys away and escorted me to where I needed to go.”

Peru went on to explain that although she was initially “hesitant” to file a report, she ultimately decided to go to the police with footage she took from the incident.

“I was hesitant to file a report since I am a person in the public eye,” she said. “But as a proud member of our community and Pride ambassador, I can’t be silent. These hate attacks need to stop.”

She went on to say: “I know a lot of our community members stay silent when violence happens towards them because of fear. But I decided to go to the police and show them the footage I took. Nobody should go through this, and these cowardly actions should be punished.”

Drag queens share their love for Envy Peru in the comments.
Envy Peru said she attacked on a bus in broad daylight. (Getty)

Peru’s post has been flooded with messages of love from the Drag Race community, with the likes of Kitty Scott-Claus, Jujubee, Alyssa Edwards, Alexis Mateo and current All Stars 8 finalist Kandy Muse all voicing their support.

Drag Race Mexico host Valentina wrote: “I’m so sorry to hear that, sister. You’re not alone, it’s happened to me several times and it’s not OK. Thank you for speaking up about it. We love you.”

Meanwhile. Manila Luzon said: “I’m so sorry this happened to you. You have support all over the world who care so much for you and we all hope you regain all of your power, diva.”

And Drag Race UK contestant Black Peppa, said: “So sorry you went through this, it just saddens my heart. Sending you all the love.”