We’re Here is getting a hosting makeover, and fans are shook: ‘It’s like HBO replaced The Beatles’

Eureka (L), Shangela and Bob (R) in We're Here.

Season four of the drag reality series We’re Here is officially on the way – but with one major twist.

For the past three seasons, the Emmy award-winning series has seen Drag Race stars Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela travel across small-town America. As they unveil stories from their own past, the queens recruit locals to star in no-holds-barred, one-night-only drag performances, while stirring up vital conversation around LGBTQ+ rights in the US.

But that’s all about to change, with co-creator Johnnie Ingram unveiling a whole new line-up.

For season four, RuPaul’s Drag Race winners Sasha Velour and Jaida Essence Hall, along with Canada’s Drag Race season one champion Priyanka, will be taking over hosting duties.

But those aren’t the only changes to the series. Instead of visiting a new town every episode, the queens will now focus on two US towns over the course of six episodes. The core ethos, however, to spread LGBTQ+ acceptance across the US, remains at the heart of the show, and, as the US rolls out more and more anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-drag legislation, that looks more important than ever.

“In this increasingly hostile political climate, we are grateful to HBO for their dedication to telling LGBTQ+ stories that meet the moment and document our history,” executive producer Ingram said.

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“We are thrilled to expand our drag family and grateful for, and give much needed love to, the people on the front lines of hate.”

HBO’s executive vice-president of late night and specials programming, Nina Rosenstein, added: “Time and time again, the series has shown that love is stronger than hate, and we want to continue to uplift the community by showcasing these rich and important stories.”

Shangela expressed her gratitude to the “courageous individuals who have trusted us with their stories” as well as for being on the show.

“Our journey has inspired hope and sparked important conversations while empowering unique voices and opening new doors.

“As we move forward with our exciting individual projects, we welcome Sasha Velour, Priyanka and Jaida Essence Hall, and wish them the best on continuing this work during an increasingly difficult time for the LGBTQ+ community,” she said.

All three outgoing queens have made headlines in recent months. In May, Shangela denied allegations of sexual assault toward a former staff member of We’re Here, saying the accusations were “completely without merit”.

In December, Eureka came out as a trans woman and has since shared her journey with her gender identity. In March, she celebrated legally changing her gender and name.

Meanwhile, Bob the Drag Queen was gearing up as a support act on Madonna’s Celebration tour, which has now been postponed due to the queen of pop’s recent health scare.

In a lengthy video posted to her Instagram, Shangela reflected on why the show means so much to her, as a person who also grew up in a “small conservative town”.

In a joint statement, Sasha, Jaida and Priyanka said: “We have been so inspired by the stories and important work that has been done over the [past] three seasons of We’re Here.

“We look forward to continuing this journey to uplift voices, spread love and showcase new stories through the art of drag. We thank the We’re Here team for choosing us to join this life-changing experience.”

Of course, the changing of the drag guard has left fans shocked, with some mourning the loss of the original trio.

“I’m so unbelievably sad that you all won’t be on the show any more, but I think we can (or at least should) all agree that this show is bigger than any one person or people,” one fan commented under Shangela’s Instagram video.

Another remarked: “I can’t imagine the show without the three of you. It’s like HBO replaced The Beatles. It wasn’t broke, why fix it?”

However, the vast majority of fans are excited about the new casting.

“Jaida, Priyanka and Sasha are so perfect for We’re Here, they represent such different drag styles and their chemistry will be phenomenal,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Sasha Velour is a perfect selection for We’re Here and Jaida is truly all heart and brings out joy. They’ll be excellent.”

Seasons one to three of We’re Here are available to stream on HBO and available on demand on Sky Max in the UK. There is currently no season four release date.

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