Drag Race All Stars 7 leaves fans gooped as frontrunner fumbles and alliances stall

Drag Race icon RuPaul smiled at the camera while wearing a blonde wig and pink floral dress on the set of All Stars 7

Drag Race All Stars 7 continues to shine with a jaw-dropping fashion show that saw some queens sail to new heights while others stumbled.

Beware: spoilers for All Stars 7 episode three. 

Right off the bat, we picked up with the queens following the episode two blocking, and Shea Couleé was playing some high tier mind games with all the other queens. 

She teased that there’s some “true potential” to the Platinum Plunger, which she was awarded by Jinkx Monsoon and blocks her from winning another star this week. There is absolutely no advantage, Shea was just joking and, of course, Trinity the Tuck – a true troll – decided to go with it. You could see the queens sweating as they nervously laughed, and it was amazing to see them all rattled.

After all that pretend drama, RuPaul strutted into the werkroom and announced the queens were going to play “hung man”. It’s like Wheel of Fortune mixed with a dash of Wordle and a touch of spice with the addition of one of the hunky pit crew members. 

But it also revealed that our queens are not spelling queens after Monét X Change asked to buy a vowel and promptly guessed the letter “Z”.

Monét X Change, seen outside of drag, wears a black romper and gold chain during episode three of Drag Race All Stars 7

Monét X Change had all the queens laughing after guessing the “vowel” Z during a game of “hung man” on the set of Drag Race All Stars 7. (World of Wonder)

After a lot of floundering, Jinkx finally solved the puzzle which was “Vanna White Party” – obviously a nod to the iconic and fashionable Wheel of Fortune co-host

And what was Jinkx’s prize for winning, you might ask? It was just a clever way to kill some time and reveal that the queens would be served up a three-course meal of drag fashion realness this week. The categories were: Vanna White Realness, Before and After and a made from scratch Realness of Fortune Eleganza look. 

The contestants came on down to spin a giant wheel to find out which colourful destination they had to weave into their third look. Jinkx did kind of get an advantage in the sense that she got to spin first, and she landed on the gorgeous lavender fields of Provence, France. 

It was kind of fun but also dragged out a bit – there’s only so much time I can spend paying attention to queens spinning a giant wheel. Though, I will say Yvie Oddly winning $1,500 in prizes only to land on a bankrupt space right after was hilarious. 

Right after, The Vivienne strutted up to the wheel, and the British queen declared that she just wanted some cash. She ended up winning $1,500 in some cosmic middle finger to Yvie.

Then, we got to the meat of the tuck – the sewing escapades. There are some truly strong fashionable queens in All Stars 7 – I’m talking about Raja, Jaida Essence Hall, Monét, Trinity, Shea and The Vivienne. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of talent in the werkroom, and we saw the fashion queens dominating the werkroom like great white sharks in the ocean. 

The Vivienne already had a plan right from the beginning and began draping her elegant blue fabric. Trinity basically finished a gorgeous cutout red pleather dress before you could even blink, and Raja was just thriving with a structural gold moment. 

Sadly, Jinkx was struggling, bless her heart. She had trouble with her sewing machine, was a mess of plans and just decided to visit “glue town, USA” as she hot glued and braided fabric together. You could see the fear in her eyes, and she was not having a good time.  

Jinkx Monsoon stands next to a dress form with purple fabrics on it as they talk to Trinity the Tuck, who is facing away from the camera

Jinkx Monsoon visited “glue town, USA” after gluing and braiding a purple dress inspired by the lavender fields in Provence, France. (World of Wonder)

We saw the return of alliance chat during this fashion break, which was a big part of All Stars 7 episode one. The twinners – Trinity and Monét – allied early on, and they’re desperately trying to cling to some power by bringing in more queens. 

But it spectacularly failed, crashed and burned, dead on the ground. Jinkx, Shea and Jaida all said they weren’t going to join the sisterhood after frankly some weak negotiations from Trinity and Monét.

Finally, we got to the runway, and it’s especially fabulous as the icon herself, Vanna White, made a guest appearance. 

Everybody was gagged when Jinkx hit the runway in basically the same black dress with sequin details as White, and she joked that the queen “stole” her look. Jaida was immaculate in a silver and white off the shoulder piece, even making a little ‘ding’ noise like the Wheel of Fortune sound effects.

Trinity was just a dream with a rhinestone filled dress, and Raja served up true purple power with a stunning sparkly number that would have looked fabulous on White. 

Raja wears a purple, sparkly off the shoulder dress on the runway of All Stars 7

Raja stunned in a gorgeous purple Vanna White inspired dress on the All Stars 7 runway. (World of Wonder)

The Before and After challenge was immensely clever, and we saw some queens stretch their talents. Shea served pure attitude as a gold tooth fairy, and she looked like she’d mess you up with her giant gold wrench. 

I about died when Monét strutted onto the All Stars 7 runway, little white bag first, as Bob the Drag Queen Elizabeth. It was hilarious and so well put together. Monét channelled Bob’s jovial nature while wearing a classic bright yellow outfit that was immediately recognisable at Queen Elizabeth II. 

Yvie was also super strong this round as Cardi B. Arthur, tongue out, tits out, letting it all hang out really. It played so well into Yvie’s strong suits as the Queen of the Queerdos. 

Raja, who should have THRIVED this week as the queen of fashion, was disappointing as Olivia Newton-John Waters. Yes, it was Sandy from Grease, but where was the John Waters?  It was a tiny, barely-there, couldn’t be seen pencil moustache – and Raja could have done so much better than this. 

For all of Jinkx’s worries, her Realness of Fortune Extravaganza look wasn’t bad. You could tell that it was held together with glue and a prayer, but it was still pretty. 

Shea immediately stole the show with a jaw-dropping white bridal inspired outfit. She was just thriving on the runway with a boned corset-like bodice and a beautiful turban and veil. 

Trinity was a serving up dominatrix meets Scarlet Witch vibes in a red pleather dress with cutouts that look like they took days to craft (not just a couple of hours in the werkroom). 

I also loved Yvie’s take on pink punk. It was like sugar and spice and everything nice meets a Vogue editorial cover. Yvie’s look was understated as a pastel pink colour, but the shredded fabric and clingy bodysuit were just examples of everything I love about Yvie.

Though, the true queen, the true winner of this round was Jaida. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her super edgy dark leather look. It was crafted from so many fabrics with different textures, and the sculpted shoulder details bewitched the judges. 

Jaida Essence Hall struts down the runway in a black outfit constructed of different kinds of fabric with intense pointy shoulder pieces on All Stars 7

Jaida Essence Hall stunned all the All Stars 7 judges with a black superhero or supervillain inspired look that utilised several different types of fabric. (World of Wonder)

Of course, the top two queens of the week were Trinity and Jaida, and it’s so well deserved. Trinity was just ecstatic to finally get a star after being blocked earlier in the competition. 

The pair engaged in a lip sync battle to the death to Beyoncé’s funky hit “Green Light”. Trinity gave it her all in a gorgeous gold chain dress that I could totally see Queen Bey wearing on stage. 

But Jaida took home the top prize this week after breaking out all her killer dance moves, even giving her blonde wig a dance break.

Trinity was upset not to get the $10,000 at the end of the performance, but she said that she was just excited to even get that coveted star. The queens with the most stars at the end of the competition will go head to head to be crowned Queen of Queens so Trinity needed a win this week. 

Jaida didn’t spend long deliberating on who to block this week before she handed the plunger to Jinkx, which is a good idea. Yeah, sewing isn’t Jinkx’s strong suit, but the preview for next week revealed that the queens will face a tough fairytale Judge Judy inspired improv challenge. 

Do you know who’s good at improv? Jinkx, the queen of comedy. 

New episodes of Drag Race All Stars 7 drop on Paramount Plus in the US and WOW Presents Plus in the UK every Friday.